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HIveOS Down

The HiveOS site has been down (under maintenance) for over 10 hours now yet hardly a word about it on here and no notice on main page. Anyone know what’s going on?

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I also add, this maintenance has not been scheduled at all, or customer warned, red flag dear Hive
Also, what a good idea doing such upgrade at DAY minus 8 …

Give us command llines to drives

To me the MININUM you should in such situation
Recall: We now pay your service, if I free would’nt charge, but now I do.

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So I’m not going mad(er). Definitely a red flag.

There seems to be some major disaster. They have shared it on X In general, their communication is quite slow when there are some issues like there are every now and then. This kind of notices should come sooner and also elsewhere than X only I think.

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Thanks for the update.

Thank you for the update, i have been searching for hours and no mention anywhere, thought my rig was messed up and have no idea if its even mining as the wattage is high but i don’t see any of the pools showing activity. Need a backup plan for next time.

This was the response after contacting support to verify issue:

“Your workers’ data visibility issue is temporary and set to be resolved in the next 24 hours; the team is working to fix it shortly.

Please keep your devices online during this period and hold off on any manual adjustments if possible.”

I can confirm the workers are still mining just verified I have been receiving still on the 11th even though access to the farm settings is unavailable.

Same message should have been posted here also

Pools do this, why not Hive the owner …

Hopefully !
But mines are currently mining shit, considering market

“some portions may be permanently lost”, great news !
Hope you will not charge fees for a month , time we’ll need to reset o/c profil and all losts

SBF recruited by Hive ? (sarcastic)

Purple flag

EDIT : Here’s the disaster to my side

  • 2 Rigs completeley wrecked

  • Impossible to logout / sign in

  • All o/c template vanished

  • Funds are Ok

  • All miners working with current settings, I fear any reboot …

Rigs are 24/7 online, an absolute shame if this does not change

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Is the advice to leave everything running for 24 hours until they’ve managed to restore the data? Like Ebola57, I have a couple of rigs that, while mining successfully, are showing up as brand new rigs. Don’t want to re-connect them if not required…

Best to leave rigs online as data restoration is being completed over the next 24hr. The team is still working to correct things now.

My friend started his miner but the VGA fans were not working. The memory temperature of the 6700XT card was 88 degrees and my friend turned off his miner. Setup OC settings and enabled auto fan, but same problem no fan rotation and VGA mem temp was 88 degrees. Now the miner is turned off.

Flightsheet with double miner are wrecked
How to re-run manually the second miner ?

Same here, keepin console action, forgeting HiveOS website, but o/c profile are vanished, only way to revover is to browse stats, and find day I swapped, meamning, days, weeks, or do not job time .

Waiting for 48h things “may improve” like Keaton said

Remain the fact that doing such an “upgrade” 8 days before halving is unbelievable

The quickest functionnality to be restored : Billing …

Due to hitting peak price time, I need to pause some of my miners for a few hours, assuming this restore will still work if miner is on but not actually mining?

yep thats fine

mine are working as intended, you can reboot or miner restart

it was not a planned upgrade, it was maintenance to repair what went wrong, it is mostly repaired now but there will be continued data restoration over the next day.

Ok !

I hope overclocking profiles will be repaired. At the moment they aren’t and it’s useless to talk aout the time needed to fine tweak materials on many algos.

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my rig got completely lost, now i cant reconnect or reactivate it to mine

what do I do? just leave it? I tried putting my matching rig.conf file and i get a 403 error code and its saying “either server or my network is temporary down”

let me know