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HiveOn pool web interface not working?


Where did you find this posted? can you share the link? Its much appreciated that you shared that with us, but truth be told, you shouldnt have had to. I moved my rigs to woolypooly because i couldnt find any information easily enough to make sure that i wasnt wasting my time on HiveON pools. My hash disappeared and that should concern me.


Exactly. Why isn’t there a sticky with this info?


I found this on the Discord, not on here…

what about the daily payouts ? Are they still going to be processed?

Thanks dude. Can you send me the link to the discord page? Ive actually been looking for it.

Never mind, found it.

Amazing, Thanks for sharing!

i my rigs reporting 4 mh whats wrong i have while shares are accpeted

Noticed mine at 5PST went offline, went to look at physical hardware and there were no errors, and was still getting new jobs and sending them completed. My guess is there are way more users on here than ever before and something broke. If they use DO at all they are having network issues at the moment, I know a couple of my servers are having issues and this happened right around the same time frame.

I do hope we are all getting our jobs paid for, if not I’m out of some money, my bet is the database is still tracking it all.

i m bleeding money where are dev plz give hope here

You are getting paid for your work so no worries. There is a Discord that is reporting the issue and they are working on it.

thanks mate

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any news when the reporting stats will work

We’ll be paid and the valid shares are being accepted. Yesterday when the service went down my payout was 85% and 5-6 hours later when the service went up for a few minutes I checked it again and found it to be 100%.
I haven’t received the payout as of yet tho.

Down again! Why is this site so flaky, always issues

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I am seing that error again

Nicehash is having the same issues - any ideas on this?

Same here. Agreed on the communicating!

Same problem :frowning: