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HiveOn pool web interface not working?

Hi… The HiveON pool website not showing any information of my rigs and I constantly have “data load error” on the HiveOS farm website. Are they down??


Seems that HiveOn is down, i hope the mining will count in background? I’m new into mining :slight_smile:

I’m change Flight Sheets to mining on other pool is not work too. :worried:

i have the same prob

Same here!

Seems fixed now.

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down again

Same here, showing all my miners down but they are still able to connect and working away.

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Same here as well. It really threw me off because I shut my rig down to move it to a new rack and when I powered it back on after about an hour, nothing was reporting despite the dashboard showing the gpu’s are on and mining

Was up and down multiple times. But My miners too are showing working and valid shares, but stats are not updating it appears.

same here. plenty of valid shares going through but no credit for them. also miners are shown os offline at the pool website. we are not being paid right now and they are still getting blocks.

it’s been over an hour for me.

Any news from devs or do I need to switch pools? I do not want to mine for 3 hours for someone else while I pay the electric. Terrible communications


Same with me. I checked my miners using Hive Shell. The shares are still being accepted by the pool. We just can’t see how they’re performing. So it looks like there is an issue with the hiveon pool web database picking up the data that is being submitted from the pool.

Same here - my rig is hashing away, receiving jobs from hiveon, but the web interface says I’m disconnected. I even restarted my rig to see if that would fix things, but no luck. Are these shares still being logged to our account, or are we just mining for no payout?

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Yup. Was working getting up another rig, thought I blew a breaker. Went and checked all on getting jobs etc.

Hope it is just a front end display issue. It shows now that I am doing a 100th of my hash rate now ( 1%)

I did the exact same. I rebooted one but not the other, both were just hashing away but the reporting fell off the table.

something interesting, when running net-test

Looks like https is slow to respond, at least for me.

Just looked /. joined at the Discord

(Last updated 2/8/2021 12:47AM GMT+0)

HiveonPool is experiencing a statistics error, the pool is still mining. You can check this by entering the terminal & running the command motd watch or looking at your miner logs. The team is working on it currently

So just front end statistic error!!


Thanks for sharing the update!