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HiveOn Pool down?

I have noticed that HiveOn Pool is no longer showing stats. It’s not showing up on my worker landing page at all. If I go into it a different way it just sits on the loading screen. If I put in my wallet address it shows zeros across the board other than what I have already earned. As you can see, it still shows that it’s mining… Has anyone else dealt with this or currently dealing with it? Since it shows that I’m still mining am I being paid?

Same issue here. All 0’s on HiveOn Pool.

It’s been doing it all day.

Pool doesn’t go down just stats stop being displayed for a while.

It started at 11:50 AM GMT,

Come on guys give us an e.t.a

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Yeah pool isn’t down just the stats page it seems. as @Neil_948 stated its been doing it all day on and off.

They should really include it in the status page, would really clear a lot of these posts up :slight_smile:

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According to another post, they’re doing infrastructure upgrades. But, it would be nice of them if they’d make announcements or send emails to users and let them know beforehand. Plenty of people have taken their rigs offline trying to troubleshoot a non-existent issue or switching pools. HiveOS lacks in that depeartment. The company lacks any kind of communication with its base/consumers. Also, I find it very suspicious that this “infrastructure upgrade” seems to only affect the Pool Stats and nothing else on the dashboard. Kinda suspect.


I completely agree with you. When these things happen, they seem more like an attack fix than a preventive or maintenance fix. It’s quite suspicious. I have even checked my email and I have no notification. I was about to unplug my RIG and the idea of taking a tour of this forum occurred to me.


Yeah, HiveOS team seems to have a HUGE problem with transparency and communication with its users. I’ve contacted support 6-7 times regarding the negative fluctuations in network difficulty and the huge differences in difficulty when compared to other pools and did not receive one clear and definitive answer. You know what they say, when a useful and otherwise great product is 100% free, you the user are indeed the product. Now, they aren’t mining any data to sell, so the question becomes HOW are we the product? :thinking:

I have the same problem. Only show zeroe’es on the minig wallet page but the rig is up and running.

Thanks for all the reply’s. They should be updating things like this soon as it happens. Give the users some reassurance.

Yes, but the stats are broken. image

Same suppose mining was affected after all.

and off again

Agree, average results was not the same as well.


I got tired of waiting for it to be fixed while not knowing what I was earning for my juice. I switched pools.

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Yeah, I don’t think they’re being completely honest or open about what’s really going on. I’m also seeing 10k+ ms ping times for their servers and my daily/weekly income has taken a hit, I got that math down to a science so there’s NO WAY they can say that mining/payouts aren’t being affected. Honestly, as time has gone by I’m trusting Hive less and less. Not just cause of thei lack of communication, which is shady in itself, but for the blatant lies I’ve been told when asking tough questions regarding their pool. Looking for a paid alternative that has support and more reliable service. Any of you guys on this thread have experience with another preferably paid service that’s comparable to Hive?

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me too — Share accepted in 4000ms … 2000ms OMG!!!

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And two of my three rigs started having “invalid shares” when I NEVER had more than one or two invalid shares. Not one or two %, I would sometimes have one or two invalid dhares across 24 GPUs. Today, it’s like 40 invalid shares. Yea, I don’t think so.


Yeah, and I have compiled Unbound and use it as a recursive resolver, all of my other device’s queries are taking 0.1ms. It’s not on my network. It’s their servers. Their servers are extremely slow and problematic. On top of that, they don’t allow for use of our own DNS servers, they have a hardcoded DNS server and I’ve tried changing it through shell and through the GUI with no luck. Contacted support several times concerning this, this query also yielded ZERO results. This is also an extremely shady gesture as the listed DNS server is some kind of redirecting address. Some of our hashpower can easily be hijacked in this manner since we can’t monitor the traffic. I honestly want out of this platform ASAP. Looking for alternatives online now. People are just blindly trusting these people and not enough users are questioning anything due to the lack of understanding behind the technology in pools/servers.


anyway still to many invalid share too…
well let me check what miningpoolstat say…

oh… =D

5 hours of doom !! meanwhile, what can I do? Another pool and come back when it’s okay? Honestly, I like HiveOs (maybe I’m lazy to learn about other OS) I don’t like testing and resolving things when is OK. Right now I’m mining SOLO CALLISTO just for fun … but it’s bad bad bad this situation and my options too !!!