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Help with RX 580 MSI Armor X Bios

Hi. I’m having a problem with my RX 580 Bios. With this BIOS it shows a totally wrong memory, but it seem that is the correct bios: 2

But with this wrong BIOS (xxx-xxxxx-xxx) it works normally:

any ideas?

If it works dont touch it

Hahahaha I thought about it, but you know, we always want the better option, I will not be fine ultil I find the correct one

your settings are just fine. i have the same memory but my card is 570 Asrock. with your settings i will get more or less the same MH/s but with 100+ Watts consumption. so your stats are optimal.

Those are dual BIOS / dual memory cards. Samsung and Hynix memory or Samsung and micron memory. Download the BIOS and open it up in Polaris BIOS editor and look at what type of memory and memory timings you have, If you really have to you can just hit the one click timing editor in Polaris and let it do its thing and then flash it back to the card. But like the man said, if it works don’t mess with it. I have about 12 of these cards that each have been running 31.5 MH/s and have been doing so constantly for over 2 years now without stopping one time. Once you get it where it’ll run stable like that leave it alone, And especially don’t go messing with the BIOS and flashing it and all that stuff because you’ll eventually end up with a bad flash and brick that card and then you got a nightmare on your hands unless you’ve unbricked one before and learned the hard way how to go about it shorting PCI pins and all that unless you have a identical card on hand that you can unbrick it with. It’s a pretty steep stressful learning curve learning all that AMD stuff if you are just starting out on them. Took about 10 years off of my life probably. I actually have a pretty good collection of 470s, 570 s, and 580s. And a couple of 5700 XT’s as well, the 5700 thik IIs. Man you talking about a finicky card to overclock and get it to run stable, The first XFX cards that I’ve ever had.

This BIOS is already modded in PBE. I am satisfied with the performance of this card but I was trying to find the correct bios (RX 580 MSI Armor X is not very common, it seems it is exclusive from Americas), but if you say that is better to let things this way I’ll listen to you. I don’t have the original BIOS, so I was trying to discover what it is. Thanks for your time and help.

Load your BIOS up in Polaris and tell me what kind of memory you have and I’ll get you a BIOS for it. I have a couple of those cards but I need to know is it Hynix or Micron memory and Samsung. I’m done quite a bit of flashing with these cards and they’re very forgiving as far as cross flashing different models as long as you don’t force flash say 4 gigabyte cards BIOS to 8 GB card by mistake. There are mechanisms in place to keep you from doing that but by using that force flash flag you can force flash it and brick the card. I personally have never done that but I do have a couple of the 580 gaming X that I flash the armor bios with upgraded memory timings and man those things will run like 34 mega hash. Smoking fast for a 580. And hardly any power draw that’s the amazing thing.

And if I don’t have it you can always go to TPU if you’re familiar with that and search for your particular model card and VRAM size and man they’ll have probably 50 or 60 different variants with the timings already modified any kind of way you can imagine and you can just download it right there. Especially if you go to the unconfirmed section and search through there. That’s the only place I ever get mine. Saves me a lot of time having to modify the bios and stuff when I get new cards.

Flip through these.

The BIOS of that image with wrong value of memory is a BIOS from TPU that has the three memories configurations, the second image is a BIOS that has only Samsung (from TPU too). This BIOS is that I’m using right now:

I didn’t find any BIOS for MSI Armor X specifically on the site, maybe I don’t know how to find unverified BIOS.

aaah interesting

These are the ones that I have, I also have some 4GB ones too.

Yeah, they have loads of them on there but the organization is crap. You just have to do what I do and go through them slowly looking for the properties that you are needing. I’ve never had an issue with cross flashing as long as you don’t mix memory sizes, ie, 4gb to 8gb and etc…Amd is very forgiving in that regard. Just don’t forget if you’re using a windows that if you mod the bios you will have to do one of two things to boot up after modding. Patch your drivers or disable secure boot in your bios.

These are the type of cards that I have.

You see that the working bios is K4G80325FC, and the other bios is K4G80325FB, maybe this is interfering somehow. And the unverified BIOS on TPU is very messy, you are right hahaha I’ll look calmly after. I only used RX 580 MSI Armor OC verified BIOS until now, let’s see if I find one. Do you have any idea why the memory value appears so wrong in that bios?

And maybe MSI Armor OC and MSI Armor X has different BIOS

MSI RX 580 ARMOR X Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database this is my card

I just downloaded this from one of my working cards in one of my rigs. To be honest I’ve flashed both of these but I’ll flash yours and see how it acts in mine if you’re curious to know.

I am curious, tell me what happened after, ty

Sure will, but it’ll be later on tonight or in the morning before I’ll be able to check it out. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes. Kinda curious myself, I personally think it’ll flash back and forth, I flashed this particular card up to 2250 mem clocks and am running at 33.5 MH/s and 72 watts on ethereum. I’ll let you know.