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Help with ASUS Radeon RX580 (Hynix)

Hey guys,

I’m new to HiveOS so apologies in advance for any stupid questions. I just setup my system and I keep getting overheating + low hashrate errors. I understand that this might be because of my overclocking settings o vbios settings. I will attach my vbios file + a screenshot of my settings and I would HIGHLY appreciate any help pointing me to the right direction.

My system heats up and gives the errors mentioned within a minute of operating.

Thank you!

vbios file: Upload files for free - Rig_1-0-RadeonRX580-8G-SK_Hynix_H5GQ8H24MJR-115-D009PI2-101-Modded.rom -

I had similar problems on first setup, if there is no fan % set in overclock settings , the fans didn’t seem to run at required level. I am not sure if they needed to be set in the miner. I was using Phoenix.

I have found enabling auto fan (in the top menu) & putting in some target setting for temp etc work OK for me. best of luck.

Hi bro I have the same card as you, I think that you have to mod your bios with polaris bios editor and apply those oc for a stable mining

PS : I use phoenix miner and the agressive undervolting option is enabled
Happy mining

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