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Help with armor rx 580 oc

Hi folks I hope that you’re having a good day.
I have an armor rx 580 8gb oc mk1 with Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx
It’s a used card that were mining and probably the card were flashed before by its previous owner.
So the card works with it’s current bios and I’m having 28mh (with some invalid shares but it’ss not a big problem for me I can fix it). The issue is that when I patch it’s bios witch it’s memory sraps are not the same with PolarisBiosEditor and reflash the card again the card starts mining with 31mh and after 2-3 min it stops and the hole system freezs. If some one have faced this problem before and know how to fix it or have the original bios for this card please tell me.
Happy mining for all cheers

the bios xxx-xxx-xxx indicates wrong bios. set your rig to maintance mode with drivers, boot up, use hive gui on your computer and download bios for that card from hiveos bios libary-save to your libary-flash the card with that downloaded bios, if it works- download that bios from your libary to your computer, patch with polar-download patched bios to your libary-flash your card with patched bios and you should be good to go.good luck

Hi bro I hope that you are going very well, thaks for the reply so about the bios I was 99% that it was a wrong one flashed on the card and my problem that I can’t find any one compatible with my card and I think that I have to force the flash but I’m affraid to break it so any one can help me to find the wright one plz.
Happy mining.

Actually my msi armor 580 with hynix is actually in the same state…“Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · MSI Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx” :laughing: following and hoping for new info

that all sorted out long ago… :+1::+1:


here’s my armors. If you need a bios just let me know and give me an email address.



Korben Help Me! ja
I have this card.
Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · MSI
SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR · 113-MSITV341MH.6M1
I could not get over 24,88 mh.
I dont know if i have stock bios or a mod one. Ive tried mod with polaris, but iam getting “no supported memory found”.

Any idea its welcome!
Thks in advance!


it looks you have stock bios. I recommend you this video:

From 14:48 it tells you exactly how could you download your original bios, how could you mod it and how could you flash your card with the new bios via HiveOS. It’s very simple.

You also need to download a software to modify your bios: Release PolarisBiosEditor 1.7.5 PBE · IndeedMiners/PolarisBiosEditor · GitHub

It’s also in this video how to do it (also very simple).

After you bios modded your card don’t forget to restart the rig.

If you need any help, just let me know - I’ll try to help you :wink:



Mr Korben thks!!
Even though the polaris gave me this error, (Image below) i continue with the process.

What could get wrong! jajaja. Good Notice! It works!!!
By Now improved a lot! Running Stable.

Then i will try to push over to reach a bit more MH!
Olso i think i would make the same with my Rx 5700.

Thks a lot!

@KorbenPapa you saved me with your awesome bios, now my card works perfectly and it memory type is reveled now
before flashing with your bios:
and it is able to achieve 31mh now.
Happy mining

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Hey Korben,

Would appreciate it if you could send me the bios.



[email protected]

I’ve just sent it…

Hello, good morning, I also have an 8 GB MSI Armor with this same problem. Memory SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR 113-MSITV341MH.6M1

Could you send me the Bios MOD please?

The last 3 digits of my memory are different from yours. Will it work the same?


normaly it must work. Give me an emailadress and I’ll send it to you.



Hi Korbe, please could you send me the bios for this card : SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR · xxx-xxx-xxx
[email protected]

Thank you in advance


My mail is [email protected]

I’ve made it to the amd-vbflash part. When i use the amdvbflash -i command the test section says fail and bios p/n is empty.

Does anyone know what this means and if it is safe to continue?

can you pls make a printscreen about it?

Could you send it to me too? [email protected] thanks

I’ve sent it

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