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Help MSI rx580 8gb

Sorry My bit English
Have a 11 rx580 and mining eth in hiveonpool with phoenix miner at 24 MHz max, I can’t vbios mod and can’t biosmod of Polaris BIOS editor, this don’t recognize the memory’s ( Hynix)
OC now :
Core clock : 1100
Vdd 1
Core voltage 870
Mem clock 2000

Tweaker ref 30
For readme

Try teamredminer

Core clock : 1150
Core voltage 800
Mem clock 2050
Tweaker ref 30

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Before mining with phoenix, I mining with team red and the hash was 22, and now phoenix to 24mhz max.

Strange. Upload the Bios and post the link here.
Maybe i have the right Bios

upload the original bios (this bios cant changed because the polaris bios editor not recognize this)

Try this:

Thanks, try this and few moments I answer you…

Does it help?

No, i trying do vbios mod and not accepted this, no understand the problem, I don’t know

Did you try my mod? And flash it with HiveOS?

Yes, yes, I try flash but nothing as…error at trying flash vbios says

Well that is strange. My last idea is “Forced flashing …”
But first try download the Bios with HiveOS and than upload the same Bios and see if it works.
May be your Bios is locked (like some RX 5800 XT) but i never had this problem with a 580.

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Other expert miner says me that yes, maybe my cards is blocked and limited… I try forced flashing and look this

i am getting 31.68 after bios flashed my 580 memory is samsung

can you post your original bios link here i modded for you then you can try

This is the original BIOS

ok confirm me does you have 2 rig and two separate folder i seef

i show u my rig result per card 580 ,take 110 watt on the wall 32.50 mhz i can take to 33.77 to but it increase power comsumption

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ok try this bios on your card one flash on hiveos it give you error so flash ATI tool through windows

i am fully sure this bios work it on one card so flash on all your card
put setting core 1150 , Core Voltage,mV 900 , memory 2150

does your card this brand right MSI ARMOR RX 580 OC 8GB with hynix memory

you could get over 31 mhs

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Yes, I have 2 rig, In z490 ud have 5 gpu and z490p 6 gpu, all MSI RX 580 8g OC mem Hynix, and all be 24 MHz

Thank I try this and comment to do

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sorry, this bios is aplicated but not modify the Mhz, with your configuration do 19mhz

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