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Hello i need help. I Need to adjust Overclock to increase mining power

hello i need help
I have a 7 GPU farm.
4 RX 6700TX and 3 RX6750 TX
I Need to adjust Overclock to increase mining power.
Can users of the HiveOS community recommend overclocking settings?
I want to increase my RX 6700TX from 45MH/s to 50-60 MH/s.
And I want to increase the RX 6750TX from 21MH/s to 50-60 MH/s.
I am using LOLMINER to mine ETH using 2miners.
Mining power not increasing HiveOS community users please guide me.

Find the highest memory value that gives max hashrate, and the lowest core clock that maintains it. Lowest voltages that maintains stability as well. Make sure you’re on the latest stable image. 46-47 is max on the 6700xt and I believe the 6750xt is around 40mh.

با lolminer نمیشه هش ریگ رو ببری بالاتر

کارتهای ۶۷۰۰ بالاتر از ۴۵ مگاهش فشار بهشون میاد . اینکار رو نکن

پیشنهاد میکنم از ماینر teamredminer استفاده کن

Search the forum and you will find how to overclock the 6700 cards. However, doubt you will get 60 on the 6700. You probably need a 6800 for that

Unless you are trying to heat up your house, try to find the most efficient values for your card. TRM helps. Also take a look at TeamRedMiner *R Mode* is now available

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