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TeamRedMiner *R Mode* is now available

With the release of TRM 0.10.0, R Mode is now publicly available. The official R Mode tuning guide is available at: teamredminer/ETHASH_TUNING_GUIDE_RMODE.txt at master · todxx/teamredminer · GitHub

R-mode effect on various gpus

The effect of R-mode on different gpus can be summarized as follows:

  • 6900XT/6800XT/6800: small powersave of -2-3W by lowering core clk, might not be worth the effort.

  • 6700XT: good effect, 1000 MHz core enough for 1075 MHz mem clk.

  • 6600XT: our tests indicate there’s no real point using it, but we’re waiting for more user feedback.

  • 5700XT/5700: big winner. Core clk 1050-1075 MHz is now enough to sustain 56 MH/s. Can almost always run at sub-700mV core voltage.

  • 5600XT: decent winner. Core clk 950 MHz supports 42 MH/s, core voltage can be dropped low.

  • Radeon VII family: solid win, hashrate restored to original C-mode levels and slightly more, average boost 2-3 MH/s per gpu.

  • Vega 56/64: a small hashrate boost and/or powersave from being able to use lower core clk. For 51-52 MH/s a core clk of 925-950 MHz is often enough.

What you need:

  1. HiveOS version [email protected] or later
  2. OpenCL ver 21.40.2 and up
  3. TeamRedMiner ver 0.10.0 and up on your flight sheet

What you need to do:

  1. Stop your miner
  2. Go to your TRM flight sheet and click Setup Miner Config, make sure you are on “The latest” or choose 0.10.0 as the version
  3. Go to the “Extra config arguments” section and type in —kernel_vm_mode=RR (you need TWO dashes at the beginning; if you have other arguments on it, make sure kernel_vm_mode is on top)

  1. Click on “Update” and apply to all workers.
  2. Your rig will reboot.
  3. Stop the miner and update your OC’s accordingly (this usually means lower core clock and core voltage settings for your cards, note that OC settings differ per GPU).
  4. When the miner starts you should see “Linux kernel vm mode parameters are already correct.” in yellow.

For my 5700 and 5700 XT cards, these are what I used as a baseline:

Hope others can post the OC settings for their cards!

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Here is what the results are from the OC settings posted above:

With just baseline OC settings, I already get an efficiency of 0.617 MH/watts, easily making the 5700 and 5700XT the most efficient AMD mining GPUs.

How can i update my OpenCL drivers ? i have 21.40.1 and i have the latest image installed

I think it should still work on 21.40.1 if not, try going to the terminal and use the hive-replace script. After that you might also probably need to update to [email protected] (this contains TRM 0.10.0, which is needed for R Mode).

Drivers update with hive-replace script.
BIOS MOD, only straps.
690 watts from del wall,


R-mode is a great upgrade that took a lot of work from the developers, unfortunately HiveOS has still to adjust to the new mode that allow lower core frequencies and VDD as well. A few examples: if you drop VDD to 600mV or less in a 6700 XT (so core 1000 and VDD 600) OC fails and the standard values are applied (+20w because VDD=850). Just try 605 and VDD is applied

The same applies to the 6600 XT, just try to drop core to 900 or less and you’ll have the fail safe 1400 applied by default. So basically is OS that is not ready for such low frequencies / voltages, they need to allow lower core states that actually is not possible to set correctly

I thought I should add some new OC settings for 6700 XT which make it into one of the highest effciency for AMD GPUs. My best 6700 XT gets 589kh/W real.

Here are my settings:

I haven’t tried lowering core voltage more than 650. Memory controller and memory voltage don’t seem to lower watts much more past this point.

The real big saver is SoC VDD Max. Setting this to 900 took 10W off. It might be able to go lower but I had crashes at 850. Also another caveat is that memory clock at 1075 will cause any SoC VDD Max setting to crash, that’s why I set it to 1073 and viola it worked. My MH went down from 46.5 to 46.35 but now my 6700 XTs run at 65-72W when they used to run 80-87W, so the slight loss is very much worth it.

I got the insprition and settings from this video: 6700 XT ETH - Even More Efficient! | 46.36MH @ 78.5w Wall! - YouTube


With this setting i can get almost 17 watt more efficient per cards, thanx mate…

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Thanks that was the key to get a SoC VDD value not to crash my rig. The only value that worked otherwise was 1 V

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Yeah every time I try R-mode on my mixed 6000 rig (6700xt, 6600xts, 6600s) I have issues. I can save 1-2 watts on the 6700 xt but all the other cards don’t behave well.

On the bright side I was able to further save wattage on my cards in regular mode while fighting with R-mode lol.

As mentioned above, my 6700xt on the latest HiveOS/AMD-driver doesn’t like 1074 memory anymore at all, but it loves 1073 and I can crank the memory voltages, core voltage, and SOC way down compared to previous drivers. Doing 46.35mh/s @ 69 watts.

With R Mode you have to reduce core clock otherwise it puts too much stress on the memory.

Hi TeamredMiner
How about RX580 8Gb with R mode? Do you have a detailed spec sheet that works best with the RX580?

There is some description about the r-mode here. It states, R-mode is available for all gpus except Polaris and earlier.

They also just released a new feature, smooth power. Looks interesting, but not sure if it makes a huge difference. However, my card is running very nicely even with lower voltages than before

Hi, I have a rig running with 2x RX580, 2x RX5600XT, 2x RX5700XT.

What will happen when trying to run r-mode? Is it possible?


The answer is “yes” it is possible with varied results by your mixed GPU types. Great answers per chipset in the the links right above your post.

Good reads.

Hey bro can you send me this 113-410XT-UO4 micron modded BIOS ?

Hello guys!

Suddenly on my red rig r-mode seems to stop working.
Red Devil 5700 xt - drop form 55 to 45 mhs (same settings)
What i did:

  • fresh hive os from scratch
  • switch to older version of trd

Before it was [email protected]

Still no luck

// Solved. RR mode was set only for secont algo)

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What you need:

  1. HiveOS version [email protected] or later
  2. OpenCL ver 21.40.2 and up
  3. TeamRedMiner ver 0.10.0 and up on your flight sheet

The latest stable hiveos:

Loading Hive OS images list from Hive OS Images Historical Releases
Select version to install
0) Exit

  1. [email protected] · Latest Stable · K 5.10.110 · N 510.73.05 · A OpenCL > 21.40.1-5.13.2208 · Dual-Boot / Image with support for latest Nvidia GPUs and AMD GPUs.

How to use OpenCL ver 21.40.2 and up ?

Can you gents please share the bios for these 5700XTs?

I’m researching R-mode and ran across your post above. Dated 9/22. That’s only 1 week after The Merge and you’re working on a line-level troubleshooting problem. Like nothing ever happened. Impressive. I’m trying to figure out why KawPow won’t do R-mode for my 5700XTs after a recent version upgrade. ETChash and ETHash are fine.