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Hashrate question

Why is the hashrate to/from the hiveon pool going up and down like this?
I’m new to mining btw.

Its normal, hash rate fluctuates. U should pay attention to your reported hash vers mean hash, so that reported hash line travels close to mean hashrate.
If your reported hash is much higher than mean, your oc´s are too high, and u are actually not gaining anything from pushing your cards with too high clock´s.
Check the craph´s on the pool side, “Hiveon pool”


Thanks for the reply! I added one more card and watch this:

How is this possible?? Do I need to make any system update (hiveos) or something to get a higher mean hash? I use ethminer-ethash and I run on hive pool. I got a higher hashrate with t-rex but the worker crashed after some hours… Hope u can answer my question =)

Just wait and be patient. It takes some time.

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That’s a great tip for noobs like me. I have been trying to up my hashrate and most likely would have just upped it without know that it might not have done any good. Thanks.

naturally your hash goes up when u add more cards, but mean=“average” takes time to catch up with your upgrade with new cards. but like some say, “mining is not a race its a marathon” that quite good way to put it… better with good stable rig that makes good shares and when your rig gets bigger, more hash, u gonna be solving more difficult block that are not so many but better revards. No point to tune last mh from your rig if u gonna run it 24/7 365. U just ruin your cards and have all sorts of issues and down time… and loads of headaches on top. good luck

Thank you Smining570!

Now I’ve got one more question. A diagram over my rigs hashrate. Why is the lower one up and down so much?


Check from pool side yout worker, ther is more accurate stats, hashrate fluctuates allways,imho, the goal is tune your rig so that mean and your reported are travelling close to each others…if your reported is way higher thatn mean/actual, your oc´s are too high and u are actually not gaining anything from high tune on your rig…high hash…just more of stale and invalid shares…but the ups´n downs are normal…

Thank U Smining570 =) So I guess this graph is OK?


looks good :+1:

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