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Hashrate drops in stats

In the stats the realtime hashrate drops to 0 and some time later it is normal again. But the miner still mines and also the Hashrate watchdog does nothing, so it looks like there is a problem with the stats server?
More people have the same problem?

I have the same problem and I think it’s an visual bug.

Same problem here… I dont know what is it. I detected this issue from past Saturday. From past Saturday from 8 PM to 5 AM of sunday i had “zero” hashrate on hiveon pool. I never saw this but im using hiveon pool since February 24th.

Any ideas what can be? An issue in the server pool? I have almost the same “draw” in my both rigs so it isnt a rig issue, i also saw the green upper line and all gpu have internet connection and they are reporting activity. Son where f…u…k that activity (hashrate) goes?

Same problem to me!
Now my question is: the pool pay for the shares I have send in that drop or are all lost?!

Thank you!

Hi! I don’t think the pool will pay for that. Because the share did not was computed by pool. I was checking the eth paid when hiveon hashrate down to zero and my mined eth did not grow.

I started to think i was hacked, but then i readed about Rusia servers down, and saw here in the forum more ppl with my same issue.

I sent and email to the support, now im waiting they answer and then i will post here if i have information.

As I said, i’ve recieved an answer from hiveon support, they said that it was only a display issue, but miners still working.

I will share their message, and i will have to check again the accumulated eth vs the zero reported hashrate


There are currently stat display issues which are causing the incorrect display of both miners and their stats on the pool.

We’d like to let you know we’re both aware of and working on this issue, and should have it resolved ASAP.

Do note that this is only a stat issue and does not affect your mining ops. You can verify by checking your miners locally, your accumulated balances and your actual payouts.

We apologize for any inconveniences.
** Alex from Hiveon**

Ok. There is a way to check (when you see “zero” hashrate on pool) if your miner are working. Go to “view on pool” option on the rig, then click on “payout” tab and you will see a line without “zeros”.

The url is:

Have a nice week.

thanks for the update

It’s just a display/reporting bug. The shares are being counted still :+1:t2:

You’re not mining USD, looking at your usd equivalent when eth-usd/etc-usd price is constantly changing will tell you nothing.

What was the before and after eth/etc amounts? And like I said, if reporting is incorrect in one place, it will be on all the graphs/ data based on that reporting. Pay attention to your pending eth/etc balance, in eth/etc.

If the graph doesn’t show the correct amount of shares because of a reporting issue, any data from the same source will also not show properly. Look at your pending eth (or eth classic in your case, no difference in what I’m saying) that’s all that matters.

If reporting isn’t correct in one place, why would you think it would be correct in another?

What was your pending etc balance accumulated for the last 48 hours, and last 24 hours?

i have told you reporting data on shares, and any data extrapolated from that (ex hashrates, income/pay rate) is experiencing issues.

the shares are being counted, and you are being rewarded for them, the data reported for the shares is experiencing issues, if the data is incorrect, and says you submitted 296 shares, then the 296 number is incorrect. your shares are being counted, that’s not the issue, the issue is the reporting/data.

i have said the same thing multiple times. don’t believe the reported numbers while its having reporting issues, it will be fixed asap.

look at your pending balances and keep track of that to make sure your reward matches the work you’ve done.

no eta as of now, but yes, there is a stats issue, and until its fixed dont base your calculations on the flawed stats. ignore that 296 number altogether for now, as its based on incorrect data.

Mine seems to be correct, are you still having issues?

Familiarize yourself with vardiff, the miner and pool reports will not be 1:1 with vardiff enabled pools.

Same happened to me on that same time span

Yes. Had the same problem as well. Assumed, like others, it was a visual bug. No confirmation from support.

ooops! I was really with a lot of work and i cant came to this forum to respond to you. I have no issues by some days. TY

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Hi there… again. Can anybody tell me if this was an internet service issue or something else? Thank you.