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GTX 760 2gb 1152 cuda - Trying miner any coin Hiveos last Stable 03-15-2023

My GPU all fine when open hiveos show mal function driver base only

Can anybody help how enable or install drivers please?

Anybody can help me if possible install this version from nvidia oficial for linux 64
its a 470 version

To manually install a specific driver version just specify the number after the nvidia-driver-update command. Or you can specify the file location instead (local or nvidias download link)

but the hive os have driver full for this GPU? i wish miner a cold coin for just movment the gpu type xeq or rtm or so

then i just stop the mining

put nvidia-driver-update 470.182.03 will install this vesion?

You’d have to look up and see if the current drivers support your gpu or not. If they dont, you can install one that does. That gpu is very old and not really worth running besides to test with imo.

when i use --list

CUDA 11.5
495 495.46
CUDA 11.6
510 510.60.02 510.68.02 510.73.05 510.85.02
CUDA 11.7
515 515.76 515.86.01
CUDA 11.8
520 520.56.06
525 525.60.11
CUDA 12.0
525 525.60.13 525.78.01 525.85.05 525.89.02 525.105.17

the current is 525.89.02

i think need downgrade?

470 cuda 10 can work but not on the list?

Refer to my first reply if you want to downgrade.

Did you look up what the latest driver that supports your gpu is?

on nvidia oficial site the last is 470.182.03

on my windows tested with 419 version but windows not good for mining cpu + gpu understand. Cause this i prefer the hive os

can downgrade to 470.182.03 direct from nvidia server with --force command?

You shouldn’t need the force command, just the driver version after the update command, or if that doesn’t work just paste the link after the update command.

downloading 470 but tell red message is incompatible with kernel 5.15 what can i do?

hive-replace --list and pick one with a compatible kernel

but first i install the 470 driver right?

[email protected] · K 5.10.83 · N 470.86 but i have 470.182

but tell how can replace the kernel to this version

maybe dont go replace will go flash another pen drive its better for test

hive-replace first

i cant lost data tell me message will lost all data with process

Any local data gets erased correct. All your settings, ocs, wallets etc are stored in the cloud and not touched.

i have wifi drivers will be lost lost i think is a external of hiveos i think its better donwload and flash [email protected] but dont find repository

for distro 5.10 of 01 december 2021 i think wildrig multi 0.31?

go try install today the version with 470.8 nvidia driver with luck will detect memory fan % temp and accept overclock

Make sure:

  • the motherboard supports the modern drivers, some chipsets will not.
  • the GPU is properly seated and has a good riser, adapter, and usb cable. Best to troubleshoot in a PCIe 16x slot if you can.

This is a GTX 750ti (Maxwell chipset) running on the latest kernel, included drivers, mining VTC.

my mother board is a X99 huananzi 8MF
my is keepler strange that is a VGA founders Edition gtx 760
im using on X16

Install many things but whe go start login on the rig tell rede message SET POWER LIMIT 100% NOT SUPPORTED what can i do? ihave old overclock can try change?