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GTX 760 2gb 1152 cuda - Trying miner any coin Hiveos last Stable 03-15-2023

Remove the power limit for now.

Run Nvidia-info from the shell/console interface to check ranges for this GPU as it shows in HiveOS.

sorry for bad image but can you tell me if all fine with driver?
have memory detect correct fan and temps. if all fine go try found miner for aceept overclock try mine any cold coin like xeq or rtm(wildrig multi 0.3 or 0.31)?Preformatted text

with setup link install tell after finish instalation with command wifi
Red Message Operation not permission
configuriung status yellow

with kernel 5.15 the wifi install and work fine :confused:

It seems the power limit setting is out of range, fwiw: My 750ti is max power 38.5w so if I put 100w it would fail like you are seeing.

Remove the power limit, post a picture of:


the kernel 5.15 accept nvidia 495 go try and see if work like 470 cause the wifi all fine with this kernel version aftter install

not work

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 GPU installed in this system is supported through the NVIDIA 470.xx legacy Linux
graphics drivers. Please visit Unix Drivers | NVIDIA for more information. The 495.46 NVIDIA
Linux graphics driver will ignore this GPU.

You can install linux drivers for wifi in older kernels, but non-trivial action.

Better to troubleshoot on a fully supported ethernet connection.

Whats the vertcoin dag? (I have a SUPER old 1gb card wondering if it would work for some testing)

Great question… don’t know… but if I don’t disable my cpu’s they start mining it :smiley:

lol. I should give it a shot with my O L D phenom ii x4 945 haha. sadly its not unlocked :frowning: i got a whole (I think) 40 hashes a second on RTM

Can’t be worse than this old thing:

Honestly its probably pretty similar. You should do some rtm mining on your cpu and we can compare lol

First, we’ll have you walk me through it with the 5600G in different rig :thinking:

Point me to that thread so we can stay on topic :smiley:

you mean a ryzen 5 5600g?!?!? the epic budget cpu?!?! (I’m currently running on a ryzen 5 3500u :sob:)

Uh yup! That’s the Ticket!

Wish i had one haha. my little phenom isnt capable of much lol