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Gigabyte Rtx 3080 Hashrate Problem

Hello everyone,
I’m a begginner miner. I tried to setup eveything correctly but i assume there is a problem in my system.
I have Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC V1 but i couldn’t reach the average hashrate. 12~16 MH/s is what i get right now.

Here is my flightsheet setup

Here is my overclock settings
Core Clock Offset: -200MHz
Memory Clock: 2000MHz
Power Limit: 230W

When mining is on GPU temp is 80~82C and power is 130~140W, I assume these numbers are in average but hashrate is quite low I couldn’t pass 16 MH/s. I’ve already tried picking another pool and miner but it didn’t work.

Here is my pc details;

Motherboard: Asus H81 Gamer
CPU: Intel Core i5 4460 3.2GHz
Ram: 16 GB

Need your help. Really appreciated, thanks!

Before checking the hardware replace your miner with Trex or lol… and check

Actually tried it with T-Rex results are same unfortunatelly 14MH/s 0 Shares

what psu u have?

Tried with Xigmatek X Miner En9757 80+Gold 1800W and Cooler Master MWE 750W 80+ Bronze. Same results.

Do u have fix the bios settings in motherboard for mining …?

Actually, i fixed what i found in the internet like 4G decoding and tried to pick Auto or Gen1 for PCI Express. Don’t know if there is anything else i can do.

i dont have the mobo the help out…

yes use TREX.
I have several 3080 . i think they are better than yours tho. (Founders edition?)
these settings work for me
Core 1030 (Use an absolute setting like mine do NOT use a relative negative setting)
MEM 1800 (your 2000 is definitely too high)
PL 0/zero
FAN - set it to 100% for now, keep the temp below 70 degrees.

produces 96.89MH per card…slightly variable depending on temp

if my settings do not work then you need to lower MEM and CORE. I think you will find that MEM is more important to keep as high as poss for ETH mining.

I spent a LONG time trying to clock mine up higher. I could get higher rates but something always crashed. These setting keep mine running non stop all day…that’s what you want.

After your recommendations here is the results.
Still around 20 MH/s with 0 shares.

For anyone interested, i solved my problem it was thermal throttling. I’ve just changed thermal paste and I tightened the screws well. Thats all thanks for help!


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