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Geforce RTX 3070 LHR Locked on NBMiner and Low Hashrate

I’m using NBMiner and Nvidia drivers 460.91.03 and I can’t get more than 45 on my 3070 LHR. I keep hitting the rate lock at 74 and get walked down to 71. Here are my settings. Am I missing anything?

nah 45 sounds about right xd its just lhr so its not gonna compare good to a 3070 fhr but there are still a lot of updates coming to improve it. i have mine on t-rex and i get the same amount at lhr 74. sometimes it peaks at 46 but avgs 45.


Hello, I have same issue. I read RTX 3070 can mining up 62mh but in my case always below 46MH. I need help please.
Miner: nbminer and motherboard H510PRO BTC +