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GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER micron OC setting

-200 / 1600 / 75watt = 30.57mh do you have a better setting?


That setting looks pretty good for a 1660…:+1:

1660 super graphics cards with micron ram are said to produce 32mh of power. Does anyone know the setting for this for hiveos?

Hi, a got 31.3 with this OC setting:
Core: -300
Mem: 1900
PL: 80


I have changed recently.
Try this one:

Core: 1085


anyone tried the 1660 super with ergo?

These settings are working well for me. I had to apply them to each card individually 1x1 and not in bulk, otherwise, the rig was crashing from massive Load Average.
Any suggestions for a crashing micro 1660 Super, at these settings?

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I tried this setting… while I was getting good has rate, my stale shares went up to 1.56%. Does anyone else have this problem? I have zotac 1660S micron. 2 of the GPUS at -1004 core, Mem 1750 PL 80 fan Auto and one GPUis needs a bit more hand holding, so PL is 82, Mem -1004 and core 1700. All give me around 30ish Hash, but the stale shares really bother me. With my revised setting stale is at 1.34%… This money lost in effect. Any ideas how to bring down stales?

did you try updating the nvidia drivers? I had a similar problem and the update made a difference. I however do get stale shares … and my rant begins!

tried it on mine… barely made 28. guess silicon lottery!

Hey all. Some Samsung, micron and hynix settings for you to try, has been running collectively for about 7 days straight with 99.95% accepted shares on average

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All my supers kick ass with these settings.

These are the best setting I can find on this forum for Micron 1660S.

Core: +1085 // Mem: 1900 (or 1800 for crashing cards). Uptime, over 7days straight now.

bro the CPU temp at 0 Deg. :open_mouth:

Just a question… what happens when you use core +930 memory -1004 on your 1660S…?
cos when I use the OC mentioned by you, The hash rate of my 1660S drops from 31.85 MH to 31.75 MH with no wattage drop it remains the same 78W.

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Sweet, just tried it on a Super that was at 31.80 and after running the OC you mentioned its up to 31.88e

I’m running 9 of these so I may switch over to these settings after I let this one run for a while with no issue.

Thanks man

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I have tried all your settings but still max what i can get from my micron cards is it:

Good Morning, I use Core: 1050 Memory: 1950 Mh/s: 31.55

tried your settings for micron and samsung. see if it helps. im having msi micron and zotac samsung memory. now both clocks 31.