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Firmware for S19 90TH CV1835

Hi guys,
I just bouth an S19 90 TH that has this Control Board CV 1835_V3_2, I don’t know which firmware is correct for this one.

can you describe the board itself:
is it a single pcb? does it have a micro sd card slot? micor usb port?

It’s very similar as SD xilinx. i will post an picture of it here.

i just forwarded your question to the ASIC FW devs, ill let you know when/what i hear back.

curious, have you tried the xilinx FW? i dont think it will work, but im curious what the miner log shows if so

I haven’t tried it yet, I have fear it kill the control board.
I’ll leave here another image of the front of this s19. - s19.jpg

Thanks for that, I’ve confirmed we don’t have support for it yet, But I believe they will be working on it in the future. No ETA, but I will pass any updates I hear from the team to this thread.

that’s bad notice, but, i will wait, here I can see when hiveos support?

you can watch this page for updates, and like i mentioned i can reply here where there is any updates worth giving before its ready.

also, it may be possible to swap to another control board that has custom fw support now. i know others with amlogic control board s19/j have swapped to xilinx with good results

it’s great, but who guarantees that my s19 will do the 90th? since she is 90 and not 95?

Not sure I follow your question. If you’re on stock firmware the only guarantee would be from where you bought it from or bitmain

forget, I got now what you mean.
I’m waitng new firmware, developers said when it will be available?

what do you think me about trying to put s19J firmware xilinx, both are 90th.

unlikely it will work, you could swap the control board though.

no eta yet, dont know if they’ve gotten one to test with yet.

but is it possible that i messed up the board?

From trying to run a different firmware from the sdcard? Unlikely. It should still be under warranty as well.

all right, I will leave here more pictures, problaby it will help developes.

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Would love an update on firmware for this board. I got a new s19 with this board amd bought two diff Xilinx boards to run hiveos firmware but both Xilinx boards show abnormal temp and 0hs/s while the ctrl1835 board works just fine on stock firmware

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Where I am from here it is hard to get BB board or xilinx board.
Any update from hiveOS would be appreciated.

No update on fw for the sophon cv boards.

Are the programmers working?