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eVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra Gaming - does not exceed 60 MH/s

Hi all,
As the topic indicates, I cannot exceed 60 mh/s with my card RTX3080 XC3 … I have played with all the hiveos options but all attempts have been unsuccessful …

Currently the configuration is this :

In this same configuration I simply change the speed of the fans to 100%, it goes up to 70 mh/s but makes a thunderous noise, it is the maximum mined that I have achieved.

An important fact is that the consumption of the GPU never exceeds 200W … it does not matter the combination of parameters of the hiveos … you can put FAN 100%, Core -200, Mem 1500, PL 360W … it never exceeds the 200W and 60 MH / s …

Any help or hint to solve this situation will be very appreciated from me.


This is an xc3 black. And it’s really hot here but when it’s cooler, i push the mem to 24-2500 which yields 100-102 mh depending on the card.

Hi Invalid6120, thanks for answering.
I think it is an xc3 ultra … I’m not sure, for work issues I’m away from home. This weekend I will look at the card box.

I really wouldnt push the memory past 2400max on a 3080. Memory temps can exceed 100c unlike a 3070 which cools much better.

Did you just buy this card? Maybe its limited hash rate?


May because your memory clock is way too low. 500 is not enough. Try to step it up to 700, 900, 1100, …, 2400

Might be hashrate limited for cards after May 2021

Hi. I use absolute core clock 1100, 2400 mem, pwr 235, fan 100%

I get 100.1 MH mining ETH.
FAN-75 CORE 1200 MEM 2600

Hi Invalid6120,

confirmed is a evga rtx3080 xc3 ultra, attached photo of the box :


Hi greenmeanie,
Thanks for your configuration but I’m still between 60 and 70 mh / s …



I am giving credence to your theory, do you know if there is a s / n in the box to detect these limited cards?


You might have to take the card apart and look at the chip. If it has this part number
then you are good and it’s something with your config or otherwise. But if you end up with this partner number
Then you’ve got an LHR card and you better find a gamer with an older 3080 that wants to trade. The new LHR is baked into the silicon and it might be a while before someone is able to crack it…IF they can crack it.

You can only find this information by looking ON the gpu chip itself, under the heatsink and thermal paste

Hi JustAGuy,
Thank you for your answer, tomorrow Sunday I will disarm it and upload photos, I hope I do not find a GA102-202 …


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Look at the model number on the box. If the last 2 letters are KL, then it’s light hash rate.


How did it go?

Where did you learn this? I was under the impression that only the chip could tell you it’s secrets

If the model number ends for KL that means its LHR version only for EVGA. a screenshot of the email from EVGA in shared from facebook group

Ref: Ethereum Mining : Just got this email from EVGA the other day in regards to some 3070 FTW3’s I signed up to wait for.🙄

Got it. I didn’t realize that the third party sellers were doing that. I’ve seen that it’s not enforced to have to do something like that, good on EVGA