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EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 LHR Overclock Help Needed

I have a setup with all EVGA cards. The 3080TI runs around 88-91 mh/s which is pretty decent. Originally I couldn’t get my 3080 LHR to get over 50 MH. Then I let it run overnight and it crept up to 60 MH and stayed that way for a little over a week. Then all the sudden everything stopped working and I had to restart the system. Ever since then, I can’t get the 3080 to go over 47 MH no matter what overclocks I put on it. I have even tried setting the lhr tune in Trex but it just keeps hitting LHR lock and tuning it down. I’m lucky if it stays in the 40’s. I recently got a 3070 LHR and immediately have it running around 45 MH.

The big question is, what am I doing wrong here? I see people getting 90-100 MH with the 3080 and around 60 with the 3070. I wouldn’t mind getting my 3080ti a bit higher either. I’ve tried the latest version of Trex as well as 0.25.2 which I believe it was on when I had the 3080 at 60 MH but nothing seems to work. I should be easily getting over 200 MH with these 3 cards. I also tried NBminer and could get my 3080 to 62 MH but my 308ti would only hit 80 MH and 3070 would only get about 42 MH. Any help would be great!

3080ti: 48 degrees, about 250 watts, Fan: 65 Core: 1350 Mem: 2800 PL: not set
3080 LHR: 45 degrees, Fan: 65 Core: 1400 Mem: 2600 PL: 280
3070 LHR: 37 degrees, Fan: 65 Core: 1100 Mem: 2650 PL: 130

remove power limits, crank the fans to 100%. youre likely thermal throttling if youre getting that low hashrate. you can confirm throttling with nvidia-smi -q

I’m trying that right now with different overclocks and it will get to about 45 MH then hit LHR lock which will knock it back down until it ramps back up again and hits it again. Happens about every minute or two. This is my first mining rig and i’m still learning so maybe there’s something i’m missing…

is it a 3080 12gb? or 10?

its the 12gb

try setting lhr to around 56-58%

I restarted the miner and I have lhr tune set to 74 on the 3080. This time, instead of hitting the lhr lock right away, its actually been stepping it up. Running for 40 minutes now so it is up to lhr 75. Since the start its been holding at 49-50 mh though. Not sure it will get any higher. Maybe I just got unlucky with a bad card? Although it did up to 62 mh before. I currently have Core: 1200 Mem: 2700 PL: 0 and its pulling about 210w in Hiveos. Temp is sitting at 42 degrees so I don’t think there’s any thermal throttling issues. Seems like people are easily getting 72 mh and up to 100 with this card so I know theres room for improvement.

I also still have Trex set to version 0.25.2. Not sure if that matters at all, or if I should be trying a different version. Nvidia driver version is 510.47.03

i dont have any 12gb 3080s to test personally, but i would test with more core too see if it helps.

Ran it overnight with core 1200 and mem 2700. Its up to 58 MH now. Better than before but would still like to see it in the 70’s at least.

Try latest version, 1500 core, 1500 mem, lhr lock at 58

Then try the same with 2500 mem

Can you post your results for each?

Okay I will try that. The only way to lock lhr is to put “lhr tune”: “58” correct? Obviously I need to do it in the correct order for the gpu position as well. I will screenshot and post.

Also, with my current settings, lhr climbed all the way to 93.5 on that 3080 card. Still doing 58 MH

Here are two screenshots of core 1500 and mem 1500 with lhr lock at 58. At 20 minutes it raised lhr automatically to 58.5. It keeps going between 45 mh and I saw it spike as high as 57 mh. But usually sits around 50 so far. I will let it run a bit longer then change mem to 2500. I have fans at 100% for now but will probably change to 65% since its running plenty cool as far as I can tell.

LHR detected immediately when changed to 2500 mem. Stepped mem down by 50 and restarted miner every time until it no longer hit lhr lock. Down to 1900 mem and haven’t hit lhr lock yet, going between 45 and 50 mh so still low. Still 1500 core and lhr 58. Might try moving core down some and step up mem if possible.

Might be worth trying lolminer just to see what it does on the 3080, I know they had some better lhr unlocking for the 3050 which I believe is more similar to the 3080 12gb as far as lhr goes.

Typically I get one of each new model to test for situations like this but $1500 for a 3080 is too much imo lol.

Yea I got it for $1,400…Thought if I could get 75 mh it wouldn’t be terrible but completely not worth it at these hashrates i’m getting. I will try lolminer and see what it can do. Nbminer got it up to 62 mh but my 3080 ti and 3070 got lower hashrates. Most overclocks I see for the 3080 lhr are for the 10gb card so that must be quite a bit different than the 12gb.

Would it make sense to turn the LHR unlock feature off? Saw a video where they did that and got it to about 61 MH with almost 300kh/watt. Pretty decent compared to my low 200’skh/watt.

worth trying and seeing what happens. you can always use a separate miner per card too if you wanted

Hey I have the same card! I can get consistent 65 mh/s using team black miner. I think you have figured it out but trex sucks with this card as it triggers nvidias latest LHR nerf hammer almost instantly. Team black miner is more careful about unlocking LHR and has worked good for me. I need to start dual mining as that remains the best work around for the 3080 12 gb. (I think). Default setting with tbminer with some undervolt and overclock on mem brings me to 65 mh. Tbminer also can push a lot of stales this is done on purpose as you do get paid for those on hiveon pool.

I am having the same problem with my 3080 12gb. I have several LHR cards including 2 3080 10gb, 2 3080 ti, and a few 3070. Supposedly T-rex latest version updates the LHR unlock software for the 3080 12gb but it did not work for me. Neither did other miners. I even tried Nicehash. I think the card is still too new and the miners haven’t caught up. I switched that one GPU to Flux. Mines like a standard 3080 as the extra memory is not needed for Flux but oh well.