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Ethereum payouts, post merge

Hi, Can anyone advise on this… I am not going to accrue 0.2 Ethereum in the HiveOn pool by the time the merge takes place. Should I stop mining Ethereumm now, as I will lose what I have accrued by then? or is there some sort of clause that says after a certain period of time the amounts will get transferred to your wallet anyway?

give the payouts faq a read through, as you seem to be unaware you can manually withdraw anything over .005 eth.

let me know if you have any questions after

Thanks very much for the info Keaton.



I have read thoroughly, and sill do not understand fully. I have tried to set a threshold of 0.005 on the payment tab for a Mainnet transaction where I pay the gas fees. Is this what I am supposed to do? as it keeps saying that the threshold is too low. I have a Meta mask Ethernet Mainnet address and have tried specifying that in my HIVEOS wallet and mining to it. Still not different. Any help greatly appreciated.


If you want to withdraw before the automatic .2 eth. And want to keep it on the eth mainnet then yes, set your threshold, and set you gas fee limit, and as long as your balance is above the threshold you set, and gas fees are less than your allowed gas fee amount then the transaction will be processed during the next payout round

Ok, thanks. I will try that.