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Ethereum claim

How can i claim my Ethereum from hiveOs? I didn’t reach the threshoold? How con i resolve?

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Deadline for making any claims was October 5th, unfortunately there is nothing able to be done now.

I didn’t receive any email notifications (or app notifications or so) about that article!!
You MUST find a solution to this problem immediatly. This policy is harming the many users who trusted you!

There were posts on every social media, notifications on the app, and a bright yellow banner at the top of the pool dashboard. 10s of thousands of people contacted support for withdraws, and many more did withdraws manually that saw the info. It’s unfortunate you waited 2 months after the merge to check on things, but there is no longer anything able to be done.

​You had my email, I received 0 notifications.
You had all in place to just trigger the payout automatically after the merge. The fact that you didn’t means you intended on keeping all the small accounts you could. Kind of odd to require a manual payout on a system that normally doesn’t even allow manual payouts without jumping through hoops.

You seem to be out of date with the payout system. Manual withdraw was enabled for amount as low as .005 eth starting April 21st with the inclusion of Polygon network withdraws.

Notice was given august 25th that users would have until October 5th to claim any amount below their set threshold, and on that day minimum threshold was lowered to .0025 eth for manual withdraw, or any amount if you contacted support and after October 5th there would be no way to claim.

Did you not check your pool dashboard for the last 2.5 months? Were you aware of the merge to POS? Why did you wait so long?

Why not auto-payout? Unfortunately I see that more and more excuses are given, but none of them justify the fact that you kept crypto from loyal users.

Auto payouts went out to any user that was above their set threshold as normal.