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HiveOS — Polygon Integration and manual payout options have been added

Polygon Integration and manual payout options have been added

Withdraw whenever you want!
Now you’re in charge of your funds and when they’ll be transferred to your account!

  • We enabled withdrawals through the Polygon Network, fully covering the transaction fees for payouts.
  • From now on each user can manage payout settings and lower the minimum payout threshold for Mainnet.
  • There is no need to wait for the daily payout schedule! Request a payout during the day at any moment.

The Payout Policy in detail:

1. We fully cover the transaction fees.

  • Polygon Network: withdraw funds with no transaction fees with a 0.005 ETH minimum threshold.
  • Mainnet: withdrawals with no transaction fees when the following two conditions are met:
    1. The minimum balance is 0.2 ETH.
    2. Gas prices are equal to or less than 80 gwei.
      Note: Payouts will remain on hold until both conditions are met.
  1. Set your own threshold and gas price limit and cover the transaction fees yourself through Mainnet. The minimum threshold for this option is 0.005 ETH.


    • For wallets where the threshold has been changed to a lower value, the payout time will be different from the main ones: 12:33 PM GMT+2.
    • When ordering payments via Claim, the application will not be processed instantly, but instead will be placed in a queue and will be handled as the queue is processed.
  2. The users can request a payout during the day at any moment via any chosen network (the Polygon or Mainnet).

Our no transaction fee policy will still remain available to all who choose to make use of it. But now with the added option to set manual fees and pay them yourselves, getting payouts at any time when it is convenient for you!

Fast transactions and low fees — this is what you get with Polygon!

The choice is yours: withdraw whenever you want.

📍Follow the link to get started: How to withdraw money from Polygon