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Etash mining after ethereum 2.0

hello my friends. i opened this topic to discuss about the solutions after ethereum merge to keep mining profitable. please share your experiences, ideas, questions and solutions here to help each other. thank you all

i searched internet and found out that Nicehash-Ethash is profitable almost the same as mining Ethereun(a little percents lower). so i tried to configure my farm hiveos to work with nice hash. but i faced a problem. when in flightsheet i choose nicehash-ethash, in the pool address auto select it has the address which is for daggerhash protocol, so the miner did not work, i would appreciate if anyone from hiveos or a friend who knows the solution help me to fix it
and if anyone need help on creating nicehash account and connect it to hiveos(general settings) tell me and i will help

theres a guide on nicehash and one in the hiveos knowledge base for connecting your hiveos to mine to nicehash, have you checked either of those?

keep in mind, you wont be able to mine eth to nicehash after the merge just the same as mining eth to any other pool.

hi Keaton. i checked it and used all instructions. i think the pool of nicehash is blocked for my country. i will try to use vpn and see if it works. and i want to use nicehash for after the merge of eth. as i saw in whattomine that it is profitable;e after eth. thank you for you help.

Post merge, eth mining to nicehash wont be possible/profitable either.

I know NiceHash OS will allow you to automate mining to the most profitable coin. I don’t see that possibility in HiveOS. Maybe it’s time to switch OS? At the moment, ERGO looks to be second best, but that is liable to change. Thoughts?

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Things are obviously brewing in the Hive:


I hope hiveos team provide a solution for the miners after the merge, as if the miners can not mine anymore as you said they will think of changing platform, so the hiveos will lose profit too. Besides i like hiveos platform and i hope to continue using it profitably

Would imagine that gas will be through the roof around the day of the merge since everyone will start paying the remnants. Is there a limit on when hive will pay the mined eth? I’m in no hurry to get paid, but do want to be paid lol

Great to hear hive will open new pools. Will you be able to switch pools without a penalty if you hop from one to another? At least for the aftermath, things will be in flux.

Fees are definitely going to be an unknown. Easy to imagine some balance levels which are too small to transfer based on fee structure.

In addition, pool user controls are frequently set up by “highest miner” which will no longer be possible. That means direct “Pool Support” and intervention.

While I’d guess more information will be available over time, I’ll be getting as much ETH off whatever pool(s) I am mining with and into hardware wallets prior to end of ETH mining.

Good luck to all and Happy Mining right up to the end :smiley:

80 gwei is the limit for auto .2 eth payouts.

You set your own max gas fee for .0025 to .199 eth on mainnet

Thanks. I have the payout threshold beyond what I will be able to mine in the remaining time. Wouldn’t have been able to reach 0.2 otherwise since my last possible payout

I’m going the opposite route of Grea, where I’m holding my eth in the pool until the end. Would guess his approach is judicious if you have doubts about the pool operators.

My question was whether you won’t be having a cutoff date for payouts after the merge. I can see the gas going to hundreds of gweis during the initial madness.

The cutoff is as high as you’re willing to pay. This is set by the user.

I mine on more than one pool, including Hiveon, and I don’t doubt any of them are going to payout in line their individual parameters. If I did, I would not have been mining on them to begin with :smiley:

I have not seen enough detail on Sept 6th - Sept 10-20 mining impacts, ie. difficulty increases, gas fluctuations, etc. Hence, controlling what I can when I can. If gas is insanely priced, I’ll be accumulating on pool as well, but it won’t be my usual (1) months worth :sunglasses:

The countdown timer is active on the pool page and answered my question

After the merge, if you’ve mined more than 0.0025 ETH, you can request a manual payout for 20 days. After 20 days from POW to POS transition, there will be no way to request it. To get your payout within 20 days after the merge, please contact our Live Chat at or email us at [email protected] Details

This isn’t too clear. What happens if you mined over 0.2 Eth before the merge, but had a higher threshold. Will you pay all accounts that can be paid automatically or everybody needs to request the payout manually?

If you have your threshold set higher than what you’ve mined, you don’t get paid out until you set it lower.

That’s a pretty short message. I think the benefit of NiceHash is automatic switching. I don’t think Hive has implemented anything like that yet. Something like automated flight sheet switching would work as long as it was triggered by Hive to point to the best coin. Nicehash has had this implemented since I have been using it so I know it works.

The issue with pool hoping (via flighsheets) is that you get penalized. Hive is implementing a series of new pools, would be nice if you could switch without penalties. Doubt anyone will know which coin to mine after the mine, and there will be a lot of switching around

Since it is the end of eth mining, and you won’t be able to get any more rewards, shouldn’t you payout those accounts with more than 0.2 once all the dust settles?

Nicehash auto switches to what buyers are paying for. It’s a lot different than mining coins directly