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[EN] Autosetup Script for NiceHash Autoswitch

Automatic installation of Autoswitch on HiveOS

This script is designed to automatically install the autoswitching program for nicehash.

The autoswitch program this script installs is by @lexandros

I made this script primarily to help myself deploy autoswitch fast.
However I feel I should share this script so others can more easily set up autoswitch.
When running this script, the script will ask for your HiveOS API keys.
Then the program will ask for the hashrate benchmarks for each supported algorithm
The data will be entered into autoswitch.conf file
Once autoswitch is configured the script will ask the user if they want to start the program.

For a guided installation enter the following 3 commands


chmod +x ./


For automatic installation enter all the required arguments

Example usage

./ APIkey(1) keccak(2) nist5(3) neoscrypt(4) lyra2re(5) lyra2rev2(6) ethash(7) skunk(8) cryptonightv7(9) cryptonightheavy(10) lyra2z(11) x16r(12) cryptonightv8(13) mtp(14) cuckaroo29(15) cryptonightr(16) cuckaroo31(17) lyra2rev3(18) zhash(19) beam(20) y(21)

./ dfgdfgfdsg 0 278 0 0 0 0 195 0 0 0 110 0 15 33 0 0 0 0 0 y

Last [y/n] is if you want to start up autoswitch now

Just using my imagination here but…

It is very possible to add this into the web GUI if HiveOS would like to add it in.
The file would have to added in HiveOS an update.

HiveOS web interface should allow a single Nicehash wallet to be used for any Nicehash Algo.
Instead of having to create a wallet for each Algo.
With that enabled it would be easier to add in autoswitch directly as a baked in feature.
In the flight sheet page, when adding a new flight sheet, if the user types in nicehash
then click on "Nicehash-Autoswitch" and new window would pop up.

In the new window on the top there would be a toggle for AMD or Nvidea.
This toggle would use the best miner for that card on there respective algo. 
Next to that would be location, This would setup the proper pools.
Under that would be 19 check boxes for each algo
Keccak: [   ]  Ethash: [ x ] Zhash: [  ] Nist5: [  ]  LyraREv2: [  ]
When the user checks all the algos they want use on nice hash.
They will hit the save botton.
This will auto-generate all the desired flight sheets.

When the user goes to select a flight sheet to push to a miner.
The option Nicehash-Autoswitch would appear as a special flight sheet.

A window would open when selected
The window would have 19 fields for each bench mark
Zero indicates that autoswitch wont use that algo.
And probably instead of showing all 19 fields, the UI can and should only show the ones previously checked.
Keccak: [ 0  ] MHs Ethash: [  240  ] MHs Zhash: [ 0 ] Mhs Nist5: [ 0 ] MHs  LyraREv2: [ 0 ] MHs
And the last field would be for API key.
User selects confirm 
The server than has all the information to push autoswitch without going into terminal.

Just ideas ;)

If you encounter any bugs with the install script please leave a comment with details.

Here is a video tutorial if you need further elaboration. :slight_smile:

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Nice work.

But I want to pay attention.
Maybe someone missed.
Special program is available. Running under Windows.

By means of which the autoswitch configuration becomes extremely easy

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Thank you @lexandros
I have yet to try the windows utility.
Personally I try to stay in CLI
If I can achieve a full set up in one command I am happy miner :slight_smile:
Also if you ever need a help with something I am willing and able

I’d like to vote for this add-on as I prefer sticking with linux for mining and don’t want to mess with the windows app.

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I agree since switching to Hiveos windows is garbage there’s always a driver issue or somehow even though I disabled updates a update gets in and messes up my whole rig, maybe someone could make a benchmark script also. Nice script can’t wait till next week so I can set it up

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Yeah I agree. Windows is a nightmare when it comes to mining.

I was thinking about it and it’s completely possible to do it.
I have a few ideas floating around in my head but I will need to make some time to implement this.

Updated video instructions
Works with autoswitch v2.1 (latest)

Question… What about the fees… I know that lexandros set a 2.5% fee in the scrypt… what about you? I see nowhere that you have a fee? did you remove the fee added your own or kept the fee from lexandros in?

I have no added fee. This script I made is just a tool to help people deploy lexandr0s program fast and easy. Originally I made it for myself but I thought it would be a good idea to share it :smile:


Is there a command to uninstall Autoswitch?
On one of my rigs there is high LA since the install and the hash rates dropped by 70%

I see that the original autoswitch script has been updated to include some updates like Cuckatood29. Is there anyway I can update this one to add other algos?

I have this setup and have my Beam HR entered, but when I start the autoswitch it stays on ethash despite Beam being way more profitable right now.

So I tried setting up beam and beamv2 just in case and it still wont fire up beam on its own.

I wrote a simple bash script for managing worker flightsheets according to NiceHash profitability. It’s free and opensource:

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Hello guys… i’m newbe in scrypting,

I have to find solution for my case… there is two coins where my cardsare profitable…

There is many times network hashrate changing per day, on both coins… and time after time my cards are geting much more shares when network hashrate is low… and I’m switching between this two coins by hand…

Is there any easy solution to solve this issue to make automate switching?

Thanks for help