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Dynex on Polaris

Hi @

Is an upcoming update scheduled with SRBMiner 2.2.0 ?

Got very high CPU load while mining DNX on RX 580

Anyone can explain me what I may do wrong ?

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Thats really common with dynex. Its pretty cpu heavy, even if the cpu itself isn’t mining. I dont really know why, havent researched it much.

Also I am very skeptical with SRBMiner reported hashrate …

Having a RX 580 = 50% RTX 3070 is somehow not possible

Moreover hashrate on the pool is ~30% of SRB reported :confused:

dynex is a weird algo. The results are heavily influenced by the card’s memory, and both the 580 and 3070 have 8GB. For instance a 3060 is very close to the hashrate of the 3070

You didn’t show your cpu, but it requires a chip with AES and for that hashrate, you probably need more than 4 threads. Dynex processes the work done by the gpus in the cpu. Also you should be on a 525+ driver, which seems to help with the cpu load

SRB dev has hinted they might be moving some of the cpu load onto the gpus on a future release



CPU all are Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4400 @ 3.30GHz AES (4 threads)

Ok for tips, going to look ofr this

EDIT : 525.85.05 give me same load
21.40.1 same deal

I was on 525 a while ago. So never tested it, but read many did saw an improvement.

Think this only has 2 threads

You need a better cpu to fully utilize dynex on multiple gpus. Srbminer is very cpu intensive for dynex

Ok :confused:

To your mind an i5-6600T will be enough (4cores / 4threads) ?

Probably not, maybe for one or 2 low end cards

You sure keaton? 6th gen i5’s are decent.

An 8 year old midrange cpu is not what I would consider decent. You need a modern higher end cpu to fully leverage srbminer with dynex. Dynexsolve may do a little better on the cards it supports but for now you need a better cpu than that. Feel free to try and post results though.

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Intersting! didnt know dynex was that cpu heavy hahah

All of this interesting. Indeed G4400 is 8 years old, and was clearly un underperformer when born

Problem is that DNX is most profitable coin since the last new crash and I am not going to invest for a unique coin, that is somehow stillf controversed

Thanks for explanantion, gonna wait for a more mature miner that may discharge CPU load or evebly quite DNX mining

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to make it worse, seems that hardly any cpu is able to mine at full speed on a 3090

That’s interesting.

:thinking: Wondering if Keaton has tried on one of his ThreadRipper grade systems :slight_smile:

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As 2.2.1 is out

221h/s flew away …
184h/s now :confused: 20% off

DNX worth it in summer when 40°C will be outdoor

you can use 2.2.0 if that works better for you

Seeing my firt topic, 2.2.0 leads me to 221h/s with ~12% CPU Load, which sounds to be way too high

If I check my poolhashrate with 2.2.0, I have 30% less than expected

Moreover, who’s getting full hashrate ? If so what CPU involved ? feel free to post

can you please do a threadripper build keaton XD

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I’ve got a TR 3990x but no gpus on that system at the moment

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