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Dynex on Polaris

2.2.2 is out which allows you to reduce the cpu use for nvidia cards.

me :grin:
on 2.2.1, but only have to have 2 gpu on dnx

put a 4090 on it. just wondering what happens to cpu load with powerful gpus also why on earth do you have a 64 core cpu (just wondering hahahah)

2.2.2, best I can reach with 3 cards on CPU, slight progress

Had 2 4090s on it originally but one of the rails died on the evga psu and caused the other 8 pins to melt. Need to rma that first. I use it for cpu mining mainly, it’s still making 3-4 bucks a day

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Hadn’t thought about befoe. I have my psu as multi-rail. Guess I should change them to single rail, since several cards have more than one connector. Nothing as crazy as the 40 series.

Yeah since the grounds were still connected in the 8 pins they thought they still had all 4 cables plugged in, allowing it to continue pulling ~450w between the 2 8 pin pcie and eventually just melted.

rip 4090’s. what are you mining on your tr? i still cant imagine having 64 cores, since my main pc has 2 lol. still runs ark max graphics so thats a plus

4090s we’re fine, just grabbed some replacement 12vhpwr braided cables on Amazon for 25 ish each. Mainly dero on the threadripper. It’s equivalent to about 5x 3900x there.

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good. glad they were ok haha. Dang thats alot of power in one cpu lol. wonder what the hashrate of one of amds 9654 epyc genoa chips would do

They usually scale per core by generation, my zen 4 7000s get roughly 1.3kh per core so I’d imagine 96 x1.3 = 124kh, so a hair over double my 56kh 3990x lol. That’s roughly $8.71/day at current rates.

dang! $8.71 a day shheesh. although for that price you could be up with like 2 s19xp’s lol

20x the power draw though lol

True. Also you would be making a similar amount after 0.10 cent kilowatt hour lol

Ok. i know this dosent have anything to do with dynex, but the 5700 xt i bought (im using it for gaming now) appears to be artifacting :frowning: can slow ram/bad ram slow cpu cause artifacting? the temps are fine usually about 60 to 70. i usually run it with a -20% pl in msi afterburner, with everything else default. Would suck if it dies after the return policy is up :confused: by artifacting i mean grey/static taking up about 1/4th of the screen for like 0.1 seconds. would appriciate any help!

Typically artifacting is memory related. Try overclocking the memory and see if it gets worse, and underclokcing to see if it gets better. If it’s acting up now I would return it if it’s still eligible though.

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thanks. will do. So i was looking at amds stat/metrics thingy and, it looks like the gpu spikes to 99% randomly when im doing nothing, like ever second/half second. and, no, its not eligible i dont think :frowning: dang i hope its not the card lol. I did a stress test (1min) from amd’s adrenaline software, and i turned the fan too 100% and no artifacting. maybe it was overheating???

Edit: ok i think its a heat issue. thank goodnes lol previously it was artifacting without a game even running. its fine now and its been off for about 30 minutes, so it was cooled down. I’ll just PL it and auto set the fan to like 75 percent :smiley:

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Awesome results with SRB 2.2.4

Dynex curve still not drawing. May you report it to dev. @keaton_hiveon plz ?

Try using the built in srbminer instead of custom

Cycle loop Mallob registration error [0] if using it

Strange behaviour … register after tons of tries

Still not drawing with SRB 2.2.4 from HiveOS

EDIT : Drawing but with numerous hiccups (DNX independent)

Anyone know what is happening ?

This since 04 april 10AM GMT+1

EDIT : Info/ taken from Discord ekapool mallob hiccups, “too many rigs registered”