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Dual Mining TON+ETH

Anyone know any better settings and why one of my card is not mining TON?
I used AMD RX 6800 - and AMD RX 5700 XT -

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for your 5700xt try with this oc
core 1380
vdd 780
vddci 750
mem 900
mvdd 1300
pl empoty

Ayee that worked! Have any OC’s to lower the watts?

Also does anyone know how to check my TON miner status like you do for ETH on

i run mine more conservative since i dont have much available power.

check your stats through your pools telegram bot

how about setting on miner . i have error given data was invalid.

how about 6600 non xt and setting?

Just fill out all the boxes in the miner config and flightsheet dual coin config. Make sure you’re on the latest version of hive

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I don’t have 6900xt just 6800s, man you watts look nice! I need to somehow do that on my 6800’s

Min/max clocks and voltages. Find the lowest clocks and voltages that runs the highest memory and highest hashrates.

I try dual coin for today and this is what I got

but in my HiveOs that show my 3 cards are offline.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

when i was running dulamining on lolminer 1.43 i have issue on hive pool .
miner not connect to pool and says
Lost connection to stratum server 4444 or server not reachable.
many times test but nothing.
normal mining perfectly work.
any news . i will appreciate .

How do you do your testing? Do you stop/start mining when changing settings? If not I have done it while miner was mining and my LA goes up and kicks my rig offline that is one reason I looked for ppl who maybe have already had settings I could just copy. The rig is over 1.5 hours away in a buddies house and when it gets kicked off I can’t simply turn it back on.

Show your worker overview screen. Is your hive up to date?

You have to restart the miner after making changes

The only way I’ve heard to see stats and balance like that is using Telegram on Whaletonpool and the Ton bot will provide the info. There are setup instructions in the TON mining setup thread. Once you download and setup Telegram then these are the commands to check mining info while dual mining.

[quote=“Lamar249, post:4, topic:70385, full:true”]
Also does anyone know how to check my TON miner status like you do for ETH on

[/quote] You have to register your wallet adress at Telegram with the Bot

Thanks, I had already figured it out.

Okay, I’ve never really tried to do this myself so wish me luck lol. What was your process for finding VDD/VDDIC/MVDD settings?

RX 580 30mh/s ETH / 500 MH/S TON
RX 590 29.30 mh/s ETH / 490 MH/S TON
3060v1 47 mh/s ETH / 750 mh/s TON

Anyone with similar cards can post his numbers?

Trial and error. The goal is to minimize power draw while maximizing hashrate