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Dual mining ETH + ZIL wallet settings with hiveon

Hi all.
I have managed to dual mine eth (hiveon) and zilliqa or zil (ezil) via team red miner. I changed the wallet from format 0xethaddress to 0xethaddress.ziladdress. After doing this, i basically lose the function to view hiveon unless I create a separate wallet with the same eth address to view from my farm (still not perfect because I cannot access hiveon activity from my worker anymore). I have confirmed that I am mining correctly for both eth via hiveon and for zil via the ezil website. I’m worried about whether my wallet settings are correct? will hiveon still deposit into my indicated eth address with the wallet set to the format written above (0xethaddress.ziladdress)?

Anybody tried this? I haven’t received my first eth payout from hiveos yet as I have just switched from nicehash. Some confirmation from somebody who has tried the dual mining with eth (hiveon) and zil woulbe really appreciated! thanks.


Hi @karts
I can’t figure out how to mine zil + eth in different pools using EZIL pool.
Ezil will mine both coins.

If you want to mine ETH on Hiveon and ZIL take a look at

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I am not able to configure ETH+ZIL dual mining on HiveOS. I found but it not working for me. Could help me somebody with and advice please?

thank u so much. could i also get the hiveon and shardpool settings for nbminer?

Hi again.
One more day, a lot of learning!
I was wrong about using Ezil for Zilliqa and Hiveon for Ethereum at same time.
Take a look at this video

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Thx for video link. But it unfortunately helped me. :cry: In video are ETH+ZIL via Teamredminer on 8GB cards and RVN+ZIL via nanominer on 4GB cards .

I need ETH+ZIL via lolminer on 4GB cards.

my teamredminer settings for mining directly (without proxy) on hiveon pool and dual mine ZIL on EZIL. :slight_smile: working perfectly…


hi. so you are mining eth and zil with TRM, nice. Can you please write a short tutorial, just the user config details “howto”. would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s how to t-rex

how come my flight sheet looks so different… mine is all drop down boxes?

global and rig sheets look different

Id love to do this, however I want to still mine ETH on ethermine and ZIL on ezil. Any idea how to do this with NVIDIA cards? I have been successful watching the above guy video setting up TRM to mine ETH to ethermine and ZIL to ezil.

Anyone have hints on how to get nvidia cards to dual mine ETH+ZIL to ethermine/ezil?

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nobody said its for AMD only

Any luck?

Hello, have you tried to do dual mining with hiveon pool for eth and shardpool for zil? I cannot make the config right.

no, but i’m sure i can if i just place the hive url instead of ethermine

I realize its not for AMD only. I was only able to set up TRM to dual mine to ethermine/ezil. Was wondering what the command line would be to use an nvidia miner to do the same.
Thanks for any feedback you have

dude, just use the config (flight sheet) t-rex miner in the screenshot obove and replace the server url and both wallet addresses

To RWM - I have done this with Ethermine, Hiveon, sparkpool natively with ezil and proxied with shardpool. The key is in the --pool_strategy=min_epoch (at least I think). If it doesn’t work delete all your other configuration settings in your mining settings and leave the min_epoch setting to see how you go. For the pool settings make sure that you have your ETH pool included and then your ezil pool. e.g.

If you use ethermine and ezil:

Pool: ← not asia if you are not in ASIA! I’m in Japan. ← not asia if you are not in ASIA! I’m in Japan.

teamredminer A






User Config:

If you use ezil for ETH and ZIL its the same as connecting to any other pool except you will have to put in both wallets in (0x____.zil format). This might be the preferable option if you have an NVIDIA card. You might also want to consider using a proxy via shardpool if you are using ethermine etc and you are using an NVIDIA with another miner. (see instructions at the top of this post). Beware that you might get bad pings and consequently stale shares if you have a wifi connection like me. Havent given the T-rex a shot but you might want to try that as well.

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Does anyone know if this is possible with Hiveon Pool and PhoenixMiner? I am using NVIDIA cards and was hoping there’s a way to mine ETH and ZIL on Hiveon.


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