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Custom Miner Integration

это отлично)спасибо)сам-то я нуб) и юзаю версию 1.4.4)она(версия)) конектится к пулам)

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The problem is with the naming of PHI2, if the customs script designer implements the variables based on HiveOS dashboard forms, you’re limited to the algo name “PHI2” where as CryptoDredge recognises this algo as “PHI1612” therefore you do not use the ${CUTOM_ALGO} in this instance and must add the algorithm name manually like “-a phi1612” in the “extra config arguments” section of the custom miner window.

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according to CryptoDredge’s README.txt it’s supporting algorithms are:

Blake (2s)

So phi2 is correct value too. I’ve add changing “phi” to “PHI1612” and “skunk” to “skunkhash”.

To set algo “PHI1612” you should choose “phi” in Hash algorithm field, and “skunk” for “skunkhash”.

To update the miner run command:
custom-get -f

phi1612 - it’s not the same as phi2
phi1612 - it’s phi
phi2 - it’s phi2

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what you say is correct however in this specific miner, right or wrong, only setting the -a flag to phi1612 works with LUX/Folm, therefore replacing Phi to Phi1612 manually in the script like how @ATrump has done now is a temporarily fix but a good fix.

bminer moved to its own topic:

tdxminer не устанавливается, ссылка не работает или хайв не скачивает, короче не получается установить, нужна помощь!

чтобы установить обнови на риге HiveOs до последней версии

Хорошо, попробую, спасибо.

Please tell me why the miner does not start.



Write miner name in lower case letters (in your Flight Sheet Miner config)…

Thank you very much, everything turned out. If this is so important, then this should be written.

If you install -donate-level = 0, the miner does not start.

When installing custom AMD XMRIG and including the software wizard, a constant reboot of the miner and the Hive itself takes place, although in the configurations there is the same figure as for XMRSTAK and everything works fine with it.

Не стартует tdxminer, нужна помощь. Хайв обновил до последней.

у меня работает, вот даже видео записал

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название майнера писать маленькими английскими буквами!!!

у меня уже воркеры готовые, то что я прописываю в кастоме не работает и сейчас.