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Custom Miner Integration

How to use custom miners

Updated for HiveOS Linux client v0.6 series

Hive supports other miners which are not listed on the web. Hive enthusiasts have created custom packages which can be used with Hive.

To use it you need to select “Custom miner” when you create Flight Sheet and paste miner’s URL where to download it.

The list of known and available packages are here

How build your own package

Hive supports custom miners which you can cook yourself. You will need to implement several easy scripts to get your superminer to work and send stats to Hive. Please take existing integrations as a starting point.

Integration doc is here

To install custom archive manually you can just unpack it to /hive/miners/custom

To install it from URL run

 /hive/miners/custom/custom-get url-to-your-superminer

Use “-f” argument at the end to reinstall it.

 /hive/miners/custom/custom-get url-to-your-superminer -f

Since v0.6 for updating Custom miner is it just enough to change URL in your Flight Sheet for new one

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Wow Super!!!

Can we get a tutorial showing a sample miner done this way. Thanks.

awesome! thanks HiveOS, this is a great feature. :slight_smile:

I cant integrate bittube-miner. Always getting shared lib could not find…
If somebody explains on this miner it would be nice…

BTMiner_Nebutech (for Bytom (BTM) coin).

Miner is here:
Config and scripts for Hive OS is here:

tdxminer gets stuck on “This is a beta release and maybe unstable on some hardware”
then curser just blinks, nothing else.

working now.

can anyone break down how the is suppose to be setup. im not even close to being a linux noobie so bare with me


This work with red cards… But I can’t make for green card. GPUs not show in rig-dashboard

[quote=“kkurt;5823”]I cant integrate bittube-miner. Always getting shared lib could not find…
If somebody explains on this miner it would be nice…[/quote]

apt install libmicrohttpd-dev

It’s already installed but, to compile I had to install via apt. Linux gurus might have better solution to compile and point to existing lib.

Will it compile itself too from source code with this feature ? I want to install lyclminer.

if you figure out how to install this miner please let me know thanks

Can you write instruction for add mkxminer310.tar.gz miner?? Its for Lyra2rev2

Linux version here

Hello ! , I’m not able to compile the codes for this Bitvie miner, could anyone help me? LINK:

coolMiner integration scripts for lyra2z

–no-color option required.
But installiation cuda 9.2 you need make self.

@GrayKite, great work, any chance of adding t-rex, its cuda 9.1 and its faster than coolminier by 20-25% for Nvidia.

do you have any instruction to add t-rex miner on hive?