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Cryptonight-Heavy Miner Compatibility Roadmap? (SumoKoin)

While admittedly this probably also falls into the same category as “CryptonightV7” miner compatibility, SumoKoin has just released their new ASIC resistant algorithm “Cryptnight-Heavy” and it requires specialized mining software, mainly an updated version of XMR-Stak, or XMRIG-AMD. Are there any plans to implement one of the newer beta versions of either one of these mining suites in the near future?

There’s a gold rush and a Hive OS implementation would be extremely helpful! I can’t be the only one that craves Sumo!

HiveOS 0.5-41 includes the latest XMR-Stak 2.4.2 which does the latest Sumo algorithm.

In HiveOS click on Rigs. If HiveOS is not 0.5-41 then click upgrade to get the latest.

I have 0.5-41,but: “Result rejected by the pool”

What’s the donation level of the XMR-Stak 2.4.2 integrated in the 0.5-41? Is that the default 5%? Thank you.

I use 0.5-41

Sumokoin “Result rejected by the pool”
Xmr-Stak call Mined Coin: Monero V7 how can i Change to Sumokoin heavy?

I have same issue with Sumokoin. When will update available ?

Mine is giving me SOCKET ERROR Login error invalid address used for login when i use my nvidia rig. With CPU works fine. Am i missing anything? thanks

same error here

add Config Override: “currency”:“sumokoin”

SUMO : Sumoo3DSzosd4p1QUSh2DhUyJGtNS3moCYNYpnwtSee4243WM7r7WEa88TR95tJRK3KCQH61m1cQsHRU4rJ8PhnxAs6p7tKsxmk

thanks :slight_smile:

@ranialvz I’m still getting Result rejected by pool errors, but it is the furthest I’ve gotten so far. Any ideas on what else I need to change to get this working? I am using 0.5-43.

@kalitki Did you get the “Result rejected by pool” errors addressed?

Can anyone post the configuration for multiple AMD gpus for xmr stak mining sumokoin heavy? The example in the wallet does not work for me.


Hi folk. Any news to config sumokoin mining in XMR-STAK ?

I put “currency”:“sumokoin” but the pool did not get my hashrate.

hi guys,

anyone got CN Heavy working with this? it’s not working for me even after putin “sumokoin” . anyhelp please? this is really making me think to switch back to windows or another OS, Hiveos cannot just not be able to mine something like CN heavy… this is a big issue…

well i succeeded to run xmr stack with settings above, on wallet only put the dwal, don’t write .miner! and currency sumokoin, the only issue is that the perf is not good compared to windows, 10 to 15% less on xmr stak compared other miners on win10!

“currency”:"sumokoin"можно добавить “currency”:“haven”

Не прокатит) в логе майнера будет видно, что haven не поддерживается майнером

crytptonight-v7 is ok but this solution not for cryptonight lite v1 (TRTL) and cryptonight-heavy (HAVEN COIN)