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Corrupted filesystem

Sometimes you can find your rig with the following errors and alike. This is mainly related to flash drive failure. Generally I would replace it after this. But you can try to write system image again.

Sure you can try to recover it and so on but this this requires some linux admin skills and you should not waste time on this, just write image again or throw with flash to the garbage.

Here is another example of a corrupted filesystem. Though it’s still running there are some errors on it obviously. And maybe filesystem check failed. For this reason it’s mounted in readonly mode, it can even start and run but without logs, lot’s of error messages and limited functionality.

If you are at console you will see these errors. But you can notice that configs are not applying, miners do not switch, etc.

Here is how to test if the filesystem is readonly, try to create some file.

echo "test" > /tmp/test.txt

You’ll get the following reply with error

На мониторе вот такое где-то через минут 30 и дальше продолжается уже больше 2 суток. При этом майнит нормально. Пока ниче не трогаю. Ось на ССД, на флешке такой же эффект был. Разгон убирал. БП на 3600Вт. На етнос все было нормально. 2 вопрос: Хеш скачет на некоторых видяхах. На етнос не прыгал. От 12 до 28.

This has been my biggest problem with hiveOS. I’ll write the image to a USB 3 drive and it’ll work great until a reboot or a power loss, then I’ll get these errors.

If I boot into recovery mode I can usually fsck and get it back up and running until the next reboot, but then it happens again.

This is a brand new 16Gb Sandisk USB 3 drive. Is the problem that I’m writing a 8Gb image to a 16Gb disk?

I also bought 5 Sandisk USB 3.0 flash drives and got a lot of problems with file system errors that I didn’t know how to solve. Later I found out those Sandisks were to blame, they apperaed to be a pice of shit. Before throwing them to garbage I decided to try to put them to a USB 2.0 port. And it worked! File system errors dissapeared! So try to put a crappy flash drive to USB 2.0 - it can help.

Здравствуйте, я не могу нормально загрузить hive.os , после распаковки пишет что повреждена файловая система. Перепробывал несколько версий файла везде одна и та же проблема

Попробуй другой носитель. И другую программу для прошивки. Мне больше других нравится Etcher.

Стояла в одной мамке AMD - флешка в USB2.0 нормально работала - поставил эту флешку в другую мать Intel: USB2.0 - сыпет ошибками файловой системы, USB3.0 - нормально.

Ok so I have had issues like this where my filesytem becomes RO after some length of time. I am switching to SSD from USB thumbdrives. Do I need to do things like disable logging, etc on the SSD, or no need, with the SSD its able to deal with it and won’t screw up the OS? I don’t want to have to reflash my SSD every 1-4 weeks. What are the standard things to do with tweaking HIVE run from default to add stability?

Do not work

I dont know

Help me

I am having this problem after reinstalling the hive them on a memory card (it was working normally until this morning) is now giving me this message ethminer exited waiting to cool down a bit can someone please help me