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Connection refused, missing hash board

Hi guys,

Im new to the HiveOS family. I run a few L3++ miners and having some issues. Out of my 8 machines only 3 are running hive, the rest are on the original bitmain software.

So I’ve run auto tuner on a miner. It does its work and gets me 650mh/s steady for 5/10mins but then auto tune continues and reboots the miner multiple times. It then settles down and It now can no longer see a hashing board. I also get an occasional socket connection refused error, which when its on, stops the miner hashing at all.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help

Hi, @xwave101 !
Please address your issue in the chat on our website (, so our tech person can assist you promptly.

This is completely normal when you are “autotuning” to a different frequency.