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Cannot get any setup work with 5700 or 5700 XT, does not recognice cards

I’ve been trying to get hiveOS work with my Asus b250 mining expert and MSI 5700 Gaminx X setup with no success whatsoever. My cards mine just fine with 55 MH/s in windows and risers work just fine.

  • with newest hiveOS version (0.6[email protected]) cards are listed as “missed card” and phoenixminer says: “Unable to enum CUDA GPUs: no CUDA-capable device is detected”, “No avaiable GPUs for mining. Please check your drivers and/or hardware.” …which is quite odd error since 5700 does not even have CUDA cores.

  • with hiveOS beta ([email protected]) cards are being recogniced but they dont mine at all. Errors are: failed to write REG, failed to read REG, page fault etc…

What is going on? It doesnt matter do I put stock 5700 BIOS on card, stock 5700 XT bios, or modded bios, always these same errors…

Do I have to do something special procedures with motherboard? i tried all Gen settings on pcie slots with no effect.

Yes you’ll need Beta Image
Check BIOS settings - 4G Above decoding, PCI-E Gen2 for all PCI-E slots, disable HD Audio, turn off virualization
Check/replace risers - bad risers often source of pain in ass
If all mentioned above don’t help than try step by step - starting with 1 GPU and add one-by-one

Whether 4G should be disabled or enabled

Should be enabled

Turn on virualization? Where is it located?

Thank you HaloGenius!

I did this and it works! Im getting 51.5MH/s (HiveOS phoenixminer) instead of 54.7MH/s (windows, phoenixminer) with same clocks, any idea why?

turn OFF on BIOS it’s usually called like VT-d
It’s general mining recommendation. But in my opinion I don’t that it really matter (maybe for some cases and hardware)

BIOS not modded ?
Did you run amd-info to see real clocks & voltages that sent to driver ?

now he has this problem. please help

According your screenshot check card with bus id 0d:00 - seems bad riser

I installed Beta2 and everything is working perfectly. Does newest version support Navi cards or do I have to stick to Beta2? It does not have atitool installed.

also how do I find out which bus is which pci-e slot? every time i add new card to my rig, bus order of cards is randomized and cant find any sensible solution how to tell which card is which.


How do I fix that bug

sometimes reboot helps if not than repair file system by fsck command or reflashing image

now i have this error

You can update installed image to latest client version. Update via web not update system parts (kernel, drivers, etc)

Hi HaloGenius,
what do you mean with “update via web”? Do you mean update through the update feature in the farms web GUI?
Can I decide there not to upgrade kernel and drivers?
Does it still stay on 19.30?
Does the newest version (201029) work with 5700XT?

Sorry, a lot of questions

Hive Image - contains Linux kernel, AMD & Nvidia drivers, some system Ubuntu packages and Hive client of-course.
Hive OS via Web update only Hive client. Such updates fix and improve things such as Autofan, OC, add functionality, etc … Linux kernel and drivers not updated via web in other words.

and “via web” means? I mean all updates come from the web. Do you mean update through the update Arrow in the farm GUI?
and is there a chance, to change the driver to 20.10?

Yes. Arrow if it sounds more clear for you.

By ordinary update (via web/arrow) - No.
You can update driver by yourself or by flashing new image with new kernel and drivers

is there a new image, that works with 5700XT? I thought only the old beta would work?
If you look at the change log, there is unfortunately no information about 5700XT and driver versions.