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B250 Mining Expert Power Connection with 2 GPUs

Please I am using Asus B250 Mining Expert with 2 RX 580 GPUs and a Qingsea 1600watt PSU.
What I did

  • I connected the 24-Pin EATXPWR A
  • I connected the EATX_12Volt close to the CMOS Battery
  • I connected the AUXPwr_A1
  • I connected the 2-pin POWER SW at the CLRTC close to EATXPWR C.

So what did I do or what did I not do to get it up and running.

it should be running ? is the power button ok ? switch on or something …

AUX power A1 A2 and A3 also need to be powered i think.

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I thought that since I was connecting 2 GPUs that I should only connect to AUXPWR_A1 only

Yes the power is ok infact its new and the current is entering from the PSU but when I press the power switch it does not come up to show that power has entered the Board

then it might be a problem with the power button or something. check the 2 pins for the power button. try shorting them , get something metal and connect one pin to the other for a sec and remove it.

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I will try to do as you said to see if the board is receiving current . I saw on the 1600Watt Power Supply Unit

110 - 240 V which means any country can use it. before I was thinking the problem was the voltage input . With this if i see some sparks it means the current is entering the Board and that the Power SW cable might be the problem. Thanks for the urgent and progressive response.

wait. wait. dont do anything first lets think about it. do you have a button that u use to switch on the board ?

Yes I do have a Power Switch cable a 2-pin cable that has a push button see sample below

i saw where the problem is . you dont connect the 2pin Power SW at the CLRTC. CLRTC is to clear the bios pass, time and date, leave it empty. below this CLRTC there are may pings. two of them are for power button

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Thanks for being a great help but can you really specify which of the two pins precisely I will be grateful.

the problem is they are not in the manual :smiley:

2 of them are for restart button,
2 of them are for power on/off button,
2 of them are for power on light
2 of them are for when the SSD/HDD is reading info, you know flashing red light when CPU does something.
and some other shit like this.
if they are not labeled then its the test and error method.

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try these, the blue one is the power button 2 pin. these should be similar to your motherboard more or less

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I will start with the first two and then will continue till I get it right. Thanks you have been a great help to me. Once I get it done I will post which one is for starting it.

Ok I will try the blue ones thanks once again Brother


here check this out, its from different Asus mobo but it should work. 3rd vertical pins or 3rd and 4th. horizontal.

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Good I will check that out too to be sure which is my own board type I use the Asus B250 mining expert 19 SLots

yeah i got this but google doesnt show results of front panel for your mobo, it has other mobos appearing. they all should be similar by design.

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I tried both it did not work which of the atx should be connected precisely for this to work

Check the manual from the mobo manufacturer.