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Automatic TDP reduction on 1 of 4 3080s

Hey folks, weird problem. I’ve been mining for a month or so and out of the blue the PL on 1 of my 4 cards has started being automatically reduced as if it’s thermal throttling but its hashrate doesn’t agree with that conclusion. The GPU that looks like it’s being “throttled” is my best performing as far as hashrate.

Based on GPU 3 being able to hash well at supposedly 209 watts, I set all cards to PL 209 just to see if they can pull it off and they all plummet. Even GPU 3 plummets even though it was already at 209 PL by its own doing.

Rig Setup

  • HiveOS is updated
  • GPUs are all updated
  • 4x MSI 3080 Suprims
  • 2x 1600 watt PSUs (Rig is only pulling ~1010w at the wall so power coming in shouldn’t be an issue. Yes I know my PSUs are currently overkill…I have other cards on backorder)

Any ideas?

You have check your connections from PSU’s to gpu’s and risers’ ? 6 pin for powering your risers and 8 pin for gpus… Correct?

  1. Test if it rly is not thermal throttling on Widnows using HWInfo. If temps are below 90C then everything is good. in the range of 100 should also not thermal throttle but that is 5C above GDDR6X spec.

Many MSI Gaming X Trios have a similar problem of pulling most power from 1 8pin. For those cards flashing other bios like mentioned here helps but will screw up sensor readings. MSI 3080 Gaming X - PL locked at 209W - #10 by Phk

it depends on ambient ( room temperature) the one you talking about 209w is closest to window or door with coldest air.
during summer hot day you should see hash rate dropped even more

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