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Autofan and Overclocking


Just want to ask what happens to the fan settings I set in overclocking profile if I turn on the Autofan. Will Autofan override the one in OC profile? I am talking about the HiveOS 2.0 which now have autofan in the gui. By the way congratulations with HiveOS 2.0 for a job well done.


Just want to share my experience when I enabled the Autofan. I kept the fan overclock to 70% and then enabled Autofan. I have observed that the fans went to 95% as soon as i enable the autofan. I could be wrong but I think the Autofan used the fan OC setting of 70% as a starting reference and then offset the min autofan setting of 25% making it reached 95%. So I disabled the autofan again, set the Fan Overclock to 0% and then reenabled the Autofan. I have been using Autofan ever since without issue. Just note that the first time Autofan runs, temps might go high in the beginning but stabilises after a few minutes. I believe it is the Autofan needing a few minutes to calibrate itself until it reaches optimum settings.

I had autofan on, but there is a problem.
My target temp is 65, critical temp is 80.
One of GPU temp goes 65, but fans speed remains at %25 and it does not increase, so GPU goes n/a, and rig restarts…
I think there is a problem about calculation.
What do you think about this issue?

I find the logic correct. If temp goes 65 it means there is no need to increase fan speed so it will remain at minimum speed which i assume is 25%. What was the error messaage? The error might be caused by something else. Please check hiveos version and gpu firmware version they both should have the latest version.