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ATTENTION RTX3060 12GB Card holders Running HiveOS (testing needed on glitch)

Try To nbminer

For me full speed is only possible with nbminer and 460.39 driver.

All other combinations bring 102-103 mh/s.

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Managed to get the hack on by just increasing the power limit to 125 and rest settings as F:80 C:100 M:2700

Using Trex - for stable mining as suggested.

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Also managed to get mine pretty stable with a higher power limit. Less than ideal, however I have cheap hydro electricity so I don’t mind. So far less than 0.3% lost shares even with the aggressive OC. Could probably get it better & using less electricity, but this took me 2 entire days to get working so I’m not touching it lol.

Used a combo of mining ERG and CFX on NBminer 37.3 with the 460.39 Nvidia drivers to get the glitch to happen. I have 2 EVGA 3060s but they glitch at very different mem clocks and are also only stable at different mem clocks. So definitely try glitching each card one by one for best results. Also using Trex for mining ETH.

I’ve tried glitch on my Msi 3060 ventus 3x tonight and it works like a charm.

My settings:

core: 50
memory: 2800

After a minute fan dropped to %0 then I switched to t-rex and works!

Thanks adam & all testers :slight_smile:

I posted in another topic about this “glitch”. I was able to get the glitch once (using NBMiner 37.3 @ ERGO) with moderate OC settings (2800 memory / 115w) and it was very stable for a few days. I was using a combination of a 3060Ti with a 3060 on that rig, but I had to remove the 3060Ti so I had to turn it off and thus start all over again.
I could not get the glitch again with somewhat “normal” OC settings, so I started pumping the memory up to 3100. Still no glitch. Ultimately I used 3200 in order to achieve the glitch. Of course, this is very high memory OC and I knew that it would be highly unstable upon switching to ETH.
As expected, DAG verification failed and it was crashing every 3-10 mins randomly. So, I started experimenting with GMiner 2.54 and the various options, mostly regarding dag, kernel and intensity.
I have found a good combination that seems to run pretty stable -so far. I used these settings in GMiner:
–safe_dag 2
-k 4
-i 96

“k” sets the kernel to #4 and “i” sets the intensity to 96%. So, it reduces the load on the card and of course reduces the hashrate (from 51.3 to 49.09 Mh/s). But, it seems really stable! I will report again in a few days, but in the meantime I would like some more people to try experimenting with the kernel and the intensity options in GMiner.
This is my OC settings atm (running stable for over an hour now) :


I can´t fail in more than 2 gpus. HELP I have 6 RTX 3060 ZOTAC

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Awesome job! I was wondering if this was possible since we can’t reduce the OC post-glitch. I’m definitely gonna be trying this in the event that my electricity goes out or something and I need to set it up again haha. Thanks for sharing.

Do you make something bro, i have also x6 EVGA 3060, i cant swap all in eth…

I haven’t been able to get the 0% fan hack to work. It looks like some people in the thread had some luck.

I settled on using lolminer with the 3/4 speed unlocker for now.

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I also run on lol miner now with 37. I do it one time with 0% fan and its works maybe 10 mins with 52 mh/s on t-rex from ergo change, but this didint work good. Im waiting for lol miner to unlock full :slight_smile:

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Hello, bro. Well done. Can you make another video on youtube, with
new complete tutorial, thanks for all help. We are thankful from your welldone job.

I also put it on Ergo, im mining with 121.5 mh/s per card or total 730mh/s with x6 3060 EVGA
I have fan 85%/core -200/mem 2200/pl 115. I dont lose nothing to wait to glitch with this oc, when its done i will change on gminer with that
–safe_dag 2
-k 4
-i 96 settings, and i will try to put all to mine ETH, we will see. Nothing to lose, we can only get more.
Also work with N460.39 driver
We will see. :slight_smile:

goes well with gminer? I use it with nbminer and I have some rejected. where does that config go in gminer did I upload some captures

With these settings I doubt you will ever achieve the glitch. Personally I need to be in the 3000+ range of memory OC in order to make the glitch happen. Currently, I am at these settings, running for days with the occasional miner restart once or twice during the day (usually runs for 10-14 hours before miner restarts):

In order to achieve this stability I use Gminer 2.55 and added these config settings (intensity is at 95% atm):

Hope this helps!


hi bro , what meaning using Trex for ETH mining ?

go to Flight sheet - there you select which miner you want to use for the machine that you are setting up
Gmine, Trex are one of the option for miners…

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Anyone try this on the new 3060 lhr cards? Specifically ones that can’t install the 470.05 driver?

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What is the procedure for a larger number of cards? If I try it with one, it works, but it doesn’t work for others.