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Asus Prime Z590 black screen after HiveOS boot

Because I didn’t get a Asus Prime Z490-P board anymore from my seller, so I had to buy Asus Prime Z590-V to build new rigs.
I set everything in BIOS as usual (in last two months I built over 30 RIGs for me and my friends, so I think I know what to set) and RIG boot to HiveOS blue screen as normal but when continue booting then monitor turns off. I tried change monitor, change cable (montor is connected via HDMI) and I have three of this motherboard and all three do this same thing.
Rig is working/mining normal (I see it in HiveOS dashboard) but there is no output on internal GPU.
I tried set HiveOS config GUI from AUTO to ON but nothing changes.
When I enable Pcie GPU in BIOS then HiveOS boot normal and I can see shell. But only on Pcie GPU and Im used to use internal GPU to connect the monitor.
Beta HiveOS didnt help.

I noticed that it is not possible to change the CSM values (choice is gray in BIOS when I set GPU to internal/CPU). But on chipset Z490 motherboards I can change this with only CPU GPU.
I read something about incompatibility with latest Intel 5xx chipset with Linux but I dont know if its true.

Anyone expected same problem with Intel Z590 chipset boards?

I’m experiencing the exact same problem on my Asus Prime B460-Plus. For some strange reason, hive os on usb stick works completely normal as a work around.

i had a similar issue, just went BLACK after Server X

iam using Z590 D gigabytle , no idea how to get it work

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Update: I figured out that I ran into this issue only when attempting to use an M.2 Sata drive. I switched over to a M.2 nVme drive and all issues went away. I tested this on 4 different m.2 satas and got the same result.

Other motherboards might support both styles of M.2. Hope this helps others.

I tried boot from USB instead of SSD but with same result of black screen after boot.

This section I understand,the system allways mining,and you just cannt catch the moniter signal views.

You can try another ways to view your rigs without moniter.
You just make sure the hiveos running.
first you can get local IP from Dashboard .
and next you need use SSH tools to terminal login into the system by use local IP.
and you can use screen commad line to cut-in session.
screen -ls
screen -R ID
more details view this link.

Im already using Remote Access (Hive Shell Start) for all machines in my farm. But it bothers me that I do not have the ability to manage the rig on the monitor and keyboard, which are connected directly to the Rig.
More than 50 RIGs are OK but these new ones bother me :slight_smile:

So it seems that the only way to connect a local monitor is via a PCIE GPU. Or maybe there will be fix in HiveOS/Linux distro :frowning:

hi dude,donnt toss rigs,just stable running,donnt warried about some problem,the rigs just lie down there so quietly to earn dolar for you.
U just forgot that problem,some little trouble maybe make big trouble.

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Of course, I understand what you mean :slight_smile:
But in principle I am annoyed that it is not possible :slight_smile:

Right,that is unacceptable.

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Try to use Gpu hdmi slot , I am not same when I using the onboard graphic

Iam using z590 d gigabyte

GPU (in PCIE slot) HDMI port is working. But onboard GPU has no output singal. Even if its set onboard GPU to default in BIOS.

so just use the gpu hdmi port if you need to, but you can remote access anyway

@maras I have the same issue and not able to find a motherboard setting to fix this. I tried setting PCIe Gen1 Gen2 and Gen3 but no joy. I also have another issue: I can only get 1 GPU to register. First GPU is a RTX3070LHR in main PCIe slot and I tried adding a second GPU (Zotac 3070). First GPU registers but second doesn’t show in dashboard. I also unsuccessfully tried a third GPU using a riser in 5th slot with same result. What motherboard settings are you using for multiple GPUs?

I have 6x 6700XT cards and everything works fine but vidoe output only on PCIe GPU. Its only insignificant problem.
I set BIOS like usual, nothing special (Gen2, 4G enable, disable audio and serial, disable cpu virtualizaton atc.).
For next few RIGs I try buy MSI Z490-A PRO and with M2 reduction I have 6 GPUs mining and even with internal GPU. So from now for next RIGs Im staying with this MOBO.
Even BIOS settings is much simplier for mining than with ASUS :slight_smile:

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I have thse problem. Anyone found any solution for CPU Graphics ?

I encountered the black screen after the boot selection on the Asus Prime Z590 as well. It seems to have an issue with the onboard graphics chipset. My work around was to patch in through one of my graphics cards. Then perform wifi setup. It is display only because the system is booting normally in the background.


Any ideas how to make Motherboard HDMI operational ?

Unfortunately, no. I bought batch of Asus Z390 a MSI Z490 boards and start using them instead of Z590 boards.