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Asic error Invalid syntax

Hello, can anyone help with this. my antminer D3 has this error. How do i fix this?

Can you post your flight sheet?

What is you antpool sub account name?

Also, remove whatever you have in the password field

Sub-account name is DASHIT.
Password removed promblem still there.

What version of asic hub do you have installed?

can you try the latest beta?

Have removed and installed Beta still same error.

And now this Error . device is unreachable (Get “”: read tcp> wsarecv: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.)

ok the hub is in error

Do you have any other pcs on the network to try running asic hub from?

what’s wrong with this PC it has been on Hiveos for a year and the other Asics are working fine but the D3 and Z9 mini are.

Just looking to rule out all variables

what could be wrong with PC that I could check?

Is there a Firmware for the D3 and Z9 mini ?

Could be firewall/antivirus blocking some ports

No hiveon fw for these models.

Can you post a screenshot of your ASICS dashboard miner configuration tab?

Also, are these errors only on asic hub or also in the logs of the asic itself?

I just notice that I’m paying $0.86 a day and asic monitoring is not working correctly.