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AMD FirePro s7150 high power consumption

I looked at the extra profitability of dual mining and you only make an extra 0.79$ a month or 9.64$ a year
and that is if you have not loss in the ETH hashrate.
To be honest i am not really interested in dual mining but i will share my cooling solution with you.
Hope that helps.

Also i tried chaning the straps (memory timings) but i have not seen any change

Thank You for Your information. I think TON is a coin which doesnt make loss ETH hashrate but needs more power.

Here are the results
I am drawing an extra 5w when mining TON and ETH for a total of 125w vs 120w on ETH only
I also lost 1 mh/s because i cant do dual mining on team red miner, i dont know why if you have a solution please let me know.
From what i can see, if i am able to keep the same hashrate (24mh/s) on ETH then dual mining is more profitable but i am not able to because i cant dual mine on team red miner.

How did you get the cards to read?

what do you mean buy read, if you mean mine then what i did is put them in a Windows machine and installed the latest amd drivers that this card supports. Then i put it back on to my hiveos machine for better performance.