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AMD FirePro s7150 high power consumption

Hello, I have one “expierimental rig” with AMD FirePro s7150. The main problem with this card is high power consumption according to mining results. Although the hiveos shows 486W, I have 830W on the wall.

Do You have any ideas how to decrease the power consumption to make this cards more profitable ?

p.s. I’m mining ETH

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are you able to set core voltages on those?

Thanks for Your question - on Windows (MSI Afterburner) I couldnt change anything.

On Hiveos all options are available but I touched only core and memory clock. Cards seems to be unstable because changing those (CORE/MEM) during mining causing crash.

I tried also choose some DPM but I think it causes crash with any value (1-7).

are you able to change the core voltage or not in hive?

like that ?

Yes, If you are able to set voltages, find the lowest voltages that are stable for each field. That will reduce your power draw

Ok Thank You.

Shall VLT be set standalone or together with some DPM value ? Like 5

Are those Polaris based? Polaris cards typically work well at dpm 1 so worth trying that for lowest power draw

Its Tonga

Gotcha. I don’t have any personal experience with anything that old, worth trying though.

the more thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Do You know if modifying the gpu bios can do you more benefit than just changing the settings in hiveos ?

honestly not sure, ive only messed with polaris and newer cards. worth trying anything thats out there for tonga based cards though.

I also have a couple S7150’s and, I was wondering how you managed to run them? Directly porting them into HiveOS shows a blank and attempting to run Phoenix or TeamRedMiner fail. I also included an image of my status. Thank you

Hello, try to change PCIE settings in bios - switch Gen 2 for Gen 1. Cheers

actually, I got it all figured out; Just put them into Windows 10, let Radeon install the drivers, then put them back in HiveOS and it worked like a charm- Only problem now is the thermals, but atleast they mine now-
I appreciate the reply though, Thank you

Yes, overheating is a problem another one is power consumption. It’s about 50% more than HiveOS shows. Diminishing VLT core gives some results but it still high.

How exactly is yours cooled, just wondering? I just have 200 CFM fans (140mm@4000RPM) on either side, and although it cools it down fast, it jumps straight to 95°C lol. Are yours passive, or active?

I have passive version. Two blowers (dismantled form printers :slight_smile: installed from one side of gpu.

According to current situation the point is to lower power consumption to make this card more profitable.

I did some progress thanks to this link but still not fully satisfied:

Hello everyone, so I got some firepro s7150 and I bios modded them and i get 22mh/s at 80w(software but I think it consumes more). It has been running rock solid since 1 month no problem. I modded the cooler because I got some passive ones and I put one 120mm artic p12 on each one and they’re running not too hot(70 degrees is a little hot I know).

They consumes about 50% more than HIVE shows.

Core “0” it’s an interesting OC for this card…