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AMD 6600xt in hiveOS


I did not find a thread on the new AMD 6600xt so far, so I figured I’d kick it off here.

I am working on getting hiveOS to recognize this right now and so far have not had luck.



Are you able to mine under windows?

Pretty sure it’s not supported yet. Should be on the roadmap tho

Just bought a Powercolor Fighter 6600XT at msrp 379.99. I was able to mine it with the lates teamredminer in windows a little bit.

I am getting 32.8 mh for ETH, and 64.76 mh for ERGO

ETH 6600XT hashrate - ETHEREUM - YouTube

ERGO 6600XT Hashrate - ERGO - YouTube


Nice. Were you using Nicehash? Or just manually running TRM via Windows? I expect that HiveOS will have support for this card in the very near future

Thanks, hopefully its around the corner…

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if you dont mind, what is your power consumption at those hashrate?

TRM says 55W

TRM in windows. I tried nicehash and it didn’t work.

I just tried TRM and it worked, it was my first time doing this but super simple! Any code for the overclocks? I’m getting 89w usage with no overclocks bc I don’t know what code to input!

My findings on the RX 6600 XT Mining Profitability on Ethereum (ETH), ERGO Coin, ETC and Ravencoin.


I’m able to get my XFX 6600XT up and running. Only 28.40MH was around 31 the initial setup, but for some reason I’m not able to get the 2 hell hound 6600XT cards working. Anyone have any suggestions or experience? For context, I am currently running the Beta.

you can run it on windows, but it’s not working on HiveOS yet. I’m pretty sure on that.

are you saying it’s Running in HiveOS or in Windows?

I am able to get 2 x Sapphire Pulse 6600 XT at near MSRP running Teamredminer on HiveOS, getting 30.55MH/s, looking forward to the GA release!

hi , i´m using 1300 core clock and 1075 mem clock, making 30.5 at 58w
in hive OS ,its a powercolour Hellhound
tested on windows and i can go too 33mh´s at ~65w
booth with teamredminer , but wainting on another satble version of hiveOS too archive more mh´s

I saw new hiveOS is out. Has anyone used it yet? I am getting errors updating HiveOS

I have the same card, stock on beta OS i’m at 28.5 how can you have 30+ ?

Sorry it’s in HiveOS and I actually was able to get everything up and running with the beta. My board was having issues booting to the OS, but after playing around with things for a bit I was able to get both power color hellhound 6600XTs running. Only at 28.40MH though. Originally they were around 30.40 but I lost a couple for reason and can’t OC yet.

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