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Allowable temperature of MSI rtx 3080, 3080 ti gddr6x chip

hello, What is the normal operating temperature and what is the critical temperature for green video card chips? GDDR6x
MSI rtx 3080, MSI rtx 3080 ti

micron rates them at 0-95c, nvidia cards throttle at 110c.

imo, best to keep them at 90c or below, but 100c or less is ok.

now it’s quite hot here, if the video cards work at their maximum capacity, the temperature of the chips will reach 102 degrees, I had to reduce the power by 10 percent and the temperature fluctuates between 96-98. sometimes reaching 100 degrees. Is this normal or should I not be afraid and let it reach 102-104 degrees?

thats pretty normal. i would look at upgrading the thermal pads if youre above 100c.

are you using locked core clocks? as low as maintains full hashrate?

“are you using locked core clocks? as low as maintains full hashrate?” I did not understand this question

the video cards are new, I’ll try cooling with coolers and replace the pads next year

are you using locked core clocks, or core offsets to control your core clocks?

if you’re using locked core clocks (you should be) are they as low as you can go while maintaining full hashrate for each card?

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your question well, maybe these pictures will help you. I should say that the bios of the second video card has been changed. It’s a Msi rtx 3080 z trio, I replaced its bios with EVG bios to max out the megahashes, and the top one is a MSI rtx x trio 3080 ti, it goes up to 121mh/s

yeah youre usign a core offset on the top card, use a locked core clock instead, find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. (hiveos treats values above 500 as locked core clocks)

also, what do you have set in your settings under hardware consumption to make it say youre using 1400w on that rig?

is it about the core frequency shift?

Yeah, numbers under 499 including negatives are treated as core offsets, values above 500 are treated as locked core clocks. The goal is to find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. No need for power limits with locked core clocks

I can’t find such a combination when the core is not negative, the megahashes drop and I can’t get it to 120

What range of values are you trying?

+1150 +2500
+1200 +2550
+850 +1700

Hi, What cards are you using exactly MSI gaming X trio ?

MSI X trio cards have issues with power throttling.

Please confirm what gpu do you have (model and vendor)

I´ll give you further instructions once you tell me what gpu brands and model are using.


Hello, I have two video cards on one rig: MSI rtx 3080 ti x trio 12gb gddr6x and MSI rtx 3080 LHR z Tro 10 gb gddr6x

Ok, perfect , please open a “shell”


Log in (user = user - pass = 1)

Then write : nvidia-info and hit enter.

you will see something similar to this.

Please paste your results here, and we can go from there.


Did you solve the cocks Issues ? Let me know, thanks.-

Hey! MSI video cards have a large heatsink but the worst thermal pads with which the temperature often exceeds 100 degrees. For slow degradation of memory chips, it is desirable to keep the memory temperature no more than 90 degrees. on MSI graphics cards, this is easily achieved by replacing the thermal pads. i use odyssey.
if you replace the thermal pads msi turns into a better graphics card

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