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A mining equipment store - maybe somebody from US can help

Hello! :slight_smile:

I have a problem with online electronics store -

Before I placed orders I did a research and found this store as a legit one (at least at and at the other sites), so I ordered 3 MSI RX5700XT GPUs on November 6 and 7 (two pre-orders).

Cards should arrive (they guaranteed that in the e-mail) until Christmas. Since then, they moved shipping date several times, explaining delays with COVID, large numbers of pre-orders and manufacturer delays. Finally, I lost my patience.

I cancelled both orders and requested money return. I sent already two e-mails plus chat message, did not get neither money nor cards nor answers since 10 days.

Maybe somebody, living in US, could call them directly to make sure, if this store even exist and is real? I am worrying that I already lost my money :frowning:

Please, PM me if possible.

Contact your bank and report fraud, show them the evidence.

Unfortunately, I paid for the equipment using USDT transfer from my Binance exchange account. I don’t think Binance would be interested in this investigation.

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