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6700 XT Overclock Settings for HIVE OS

Can someone provide me with the settings for overclocking a 6700 XT card?

People sharing their setting in general discussion, look there

I’m using TeamRedMiner and am getting about 50% efficiency. The screenshots below are with a XFX 6700XT.

Your mileage may vary. For example, I have an MSI Mech 6700XT and its VERY unstable with these same settings. As of typing this, I have been trying to find similar yet stable settings for the MSI Mech 6700XT for over 5 hours now. ugh, Does anyone have a recommendation for the MSI Mech 6700XT settings?

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My settings for MECH card, I have ~47MH @ 90watt


I will give those setting a spin later. Here is where I have ended up after several more hours. At the time of typing, the rig has been stable for about 10 minutes. So, I’m still in testing.

Interestingly, my rig fails to boot or fails to see the 6700XT about 2 out of 3 start up attempts. any ideas what could be going on?

Hello my friend. I am sharing the settings I have used myself. I hope it works for you.


Finally got my 6700xt to 47.05 mhs. I’m eating up an additional 4 watts for a total of 94 watts via software. I’m happy with that.

I appreciate your setting recommendations. When I tried them, I had less than desirable results with 47.00 Mh/s at 95 watts… so, I went back to the setting in the photo below.

Gotta love the variation in silica these days!

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How stable is this? also what miner are you using?

I’m using gminer for this rig.
Here is an updated photo of my settings.

The problematic GPU is the 1660 Super. From the 6700XT standpoint, all seems to be well at the moment

Im new guy in here. Im setting up my first rig. And strange thing is that overclocking settings dont work right for me :frowning:
But if I Use these setting. MHS numbers are even better :slight_smile:
Is it not too big ? cards are new I dont want to damage them

and look if use settings like others Im geting :


Because in serveral forum topics I didint find bigger MH number than 47.
For my setting my hashrate is 49 mh/s :slight_smile:

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I am guessing you are wearing out your cards.
Also it is not very efficient: power consumption is quite high so you are not getting an optimal profit.

I’ve managed to fix power consuption

and now rig runing stable about 5 days.

It could be better.
Look at this:

and calculate the watt per hash. Mine is much more efficient and i get more profit, even though hashrate is lower :wink:

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ohh mate!!! Thank you very much. seems like Gminer works better with the Mech 2x cards in comparison to TRM which fluctuates the reported hashrate big time. plus I was able to bring them up to 47.2MH each

It’s better but you can’t compare Samsung to Micron chipset. With Samsung I can go 46.30Mh @66w while with Micron I can’t do better than 48.75Mh @82 I have still to find and efficient oc of this chipset because has different memory timings compared to Samsung

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which miner bro?

good stuff! do you have any idea why my system would be doing this after plugging in another 6700xt?