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6600/6600xt GPU Driver Error, No Temps

Rig has 7 cards total. Started with 1. First image. Added the additional 6 and got the above error.

Will be able to add more photos as the conversation moves along.

Thanks I’m advance

Are you on the latest kernel/hiveos/motherboard bios?

Thanks for your question. First time miner, first rig. I appreciate all assistance provided. The rig is only been up for a few days. I am pretty sure the answer is yes

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview tab?

Looks like the driver crashed, does it show temps and fan speed after a reboot?

I’ve rebooted it several times, removed the 7th card, removed all other cards except the first one where I originally tested the rig and my overview tab looked like this.

Even with the single card remaining I get the same error. I’ll attach that screenshot to the next response.

Just went back and looked at your picture earlier, looks like you’re setting the memory too high on the 6600 non xt, the max they can do is 950 btw. That could be causing issues for you.

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Took out all the other GPU’s changed out the riser, same issue.

can you post a screenshot of your current worker overview screen?

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What about with the rig on?

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Here is my Settings on the 6600 XT - Stable for 15days now.

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I’m going to deconstruct the rig and put it back together. I’m not getting anything at all. Maybe it’s the M2 slots.

Rig back on, the card that wouldn’t show up had a different riser than the rest. Riser wouldn’t work with the 6 pin, changed it to molex and it is recognized now. Temps showed up, changed mem to 950 for the 6600 and back to drive error, no temps.

Making progress though. Thanks for the assists so far.

Also noticed I’m not on the latest OS version

lower your core to 900, you dont need any more than that for 6600/xt to get full hashrate. if you’re continuing to get errors reduce memory a lot, increase voltage some too, leave core at 900 as that wont be the culprit if you get crashes.

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All 7 recognized, got temps initially, now back to the error. Will make the changes suggested to mem etc in the overclocks.

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