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6 x 6600XT Best 31.6MH/s @ 63W

Just build my first rig 6x 6600XT. Try many settings either from Youtube or the forum, but none of these settings works. Either the GPU can’t be read or GPU error occurs.
Finally, I give up tweaking and use the popular pre-set which is very simple( core-1300 Memery-1100).
Here is the results:

Does anyone have the same problem? What are your settings like?

watt on the wall?

around 530W in total

After running steady for two days, I get an out-of-memory error. Appreciated it if anyone can help.

Search for better settings, somewhere in the forum i saw them make 32 mhs with 50 watts. The settings were different.

I have de 6600 xfx merc and get 33,74MH 55W.
Core clock 940
Core voltage 660
Memory clock 1180, its better start on 1155 and increase 5 until dont give more hashrate


I took TTorreS OC’s and had great luck with them, still tweaking but overall up 7mh and down 40 watts.

my GPU 3 doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. all cards are XFX MERC’s


Amazing tips!! Thanks!! I use your settings, and here are my results. Watts decrease 18% and Mhs increase to 33Mh/s.

So happy about the result!


A newbie question:

I use coinbase ETH deposit address as my wallet address, and I just realize this address get changed everytime. Will I still be able to get the payout using this Coinbase address? Or should I use a Coinbase Wallet ETH address. I would be super sad if I can’t receive the payout as I have been mining for days.

Dude i think you need to transfer the ETH to address which you have control over. if the deposit address is changing everytime, i dont think you control the addresses and you will send money it it but i dont thing coinbase will know if its you. I think wallet is what you control and the address there is for you only to use. but read more. dont take action only on my opinion. check with their support.

thank you. That is my guess too. Working on it. Mining is hard~~ :sleepy:

why hard? its actually easy. just create your own ETH address with myetherwallet or metamask or whatever it was that directly makes an ETH address. save the address and key somewhere very very very private. if you loose the key to the address you are DONE.
print it out on a sheet and store it somewhere private i dont know.
anyways, after you create an address you can mine and send to it.

If you go to coinbase profile setting under crypto addresses. You can see all your addresses they don’t expire. Hope that help.



thank you so much for the information! Now I am relived. I would have the address changed after the payout.

So any metamask ETH address will work, right? The reason I don’t use it at the begining is hiveos ask to choose a source. Coinbase is the only place I know in the list.

What do you input for the source if you are using metamask wallet?

Here’s my rig settings, running TeamRedMiner. I have tried different combinations, higher mem clock, etc. This is the only setting I can get reasonable stability. It still resets itself a few times a day.

ETA: per user above, I have switched to 940/660/1155 to see how that setting goes.
ETAA: switched back, 1100/600/1155 gives a slightly higher hash rate on all cards.

looks alright.
I tried TeamReadeMiner before, and get crashed constantly~lol same as NBminer
Then use Gminer. Happy mining for a week. no problem at all. But it still showing unknow on the shell.

it looks like i found my sweet spot like this:

Whole rig consumes around 590W of the wall and has 277.8 MHs on ETH

Now i am doing stability test, but I think it would last days as i have lower MHs than on other 6600 XT rig and that one is mining stable for few days.

how are you getting this result? i followed the same as your but still at 28mh/s