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5700 XT - GPU Detected Dead but reboots and mines for hours, then dead again

Hey all,

I have a small AMD rig with a 6800, 6700 XT, and 5700 XT on it. Was working fine for a while but has been giving me trouble for the last few weeks.

I have a bios mod on my Gigabyte 5700 XT and worked fine at:

CORE 1430
VDD 775
MVDD 1350
MEM 940

A few weeks ago, I started getting GPU Detected Dead on Team Red Miner. the reboot kicked in automatically and it restarts and mines fine for several more hours, or a day, or sometimes like 30 minutes, and then it gets the error again. It has basically plagued me every day for the last few weeks with constant reboots.

I thought it was due to my OC settings. I’ve tried tweaking to everything imaginable, including removing OC altogether and just letting it ride stock.

I also flashed the stock bios back to the card; no difference with any settings.

I changed miners, trying Phoenix, NBminer, Bminer, Gminer, lolminer all with the same results.

I’ve changed riser, changed PSUs, etc.

Is the card just on its last leg and this is its way of slowly dying? lol

Anything else I can check?

Have had similar issues with a full 5700xt rig and a mixed 580/5700 rig. Only long term fix so far for stability has been to use a previous OS release (203 usually), which mines for days and weeks without issue. Just updated today to 210, will let it ride and see how it goes, otherwise will revert yet again.

Maybe try your known good OC settings with a different release, or do an OS reinstall to the latest rev to “refresh”?

Mem at 940 is toooooo much… lower your clock at 900 and check…
The miner restarts at this point …
Mem clock at this numbers kills GPU’s in long term use…

@nanial, I have stepped down, in increments of 5, from 940 all the way to 800. Same results each time.

@chopper, I have tried a previous version, but I don’t believe it was 203. I will give that a go and see what I find out. Thanks

Have had recent success with the latest 210 version on one rig. No issues at stable.

The other is sporadically flaky, but not as bad. Issues are limited to 2 GPU’s though. So it could just be a riser issue. Seems to be temperature dependent too, the cooler it gets, the more stable it seems to be for longer periods.

After any change in oc always rartart your miner… because u change intensity on it…
My OC settings with team red miner…(stable for days…)
And with very difficult cards…(Gigabyte’s_


These are the settings for the 2 Powercolor Red Dragon cards I have (RX 5700 and RX 5700XT – Samsung memory for both and BIOS modded):

I use TeamRedMiner v0.8.5
AMD Driver 20.40 (5.11.0701)

No GPU death on these cards and very high accept rate (over 99%).

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Thanks for sharing!

Is the 5700xt bios modded?
I have 2 of the xt cards best I could get is 54 mh and 52mh on the other but using a lot more power than your setup.

Downgrade to hiveos 0.6-203. Every time I upgrade past this point my 5700 rigs constantly reboot. Can’t believe hiveos hasn’t fixed the issue by now. I brought it to their attention last week in the telegram support channel and they claimed it had to be a problem with my OC settings. It’s not. It’s a problem with their software.

I fixed the issue with my 5700 rigs going offline and not rebooting by adjusting the bios settings as described in the below post.

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Yes, it is bios modded.

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